Never do this: the worst beauty life hacks that will only harm you

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What beauty life hacks should not be used

Among all the various skin care tips, some can lead to disastrous consequences. It is worth observing information hygiene and not taking risks with dubious beauty life hacks.

Experts told us what tips popular on the web are actually harmful to the skin. For example, pepper lip augmentation products can cause serious burns, and lemon can lead to hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Life hacks to get rid of blackheads

If you notice blackheads on your face, it's probably due to inflammation caused by bacteria. Some "experts" advise to "melt the blackheads". They say you need to apply petroleum jelly to your face, cover your skin with plastic wrap, and apply a hot towel. Although this trick can open pores and make blackheads easier to squeeze out, such procedures are very harmful to the skin.

First of all, squeezing blackheads can cause irritation and redness – not to mention the possibility of scarring. And applying petroleum jelly only contributes to the appearance of acne.

Egg white masks

Our mothers and grandmothers may have used eggs for homemade skin or hair masks. Back then, salmonella in eggs was not such a problem, but today this bacterium is one of the most common causes of food poisoning.

Egg-white masks, experts say, can tighten pores, but the health risks are too high. Mona Gohara, a specialist at Yale University, said that it is better to try egg extract masks, which are not made from raw eggs, so there is no risk of salmonellosis.

Instead, argan oil is an ingredient that you will find in many cosmetic products, including body lotions and shampoos. Extracted from the seeds of the fruit of argan trees, the oil is particularly beneficial for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Children's hygiene products

Recently, life hacks for using baby hygiene products, including diaper creams, as facial products have also gained popularity online.

Dermatologist Leslie Gerstman said that most diaper creams contain two main ingredients: zinc and petroleum. "Zinc is generally a good ingredient, it's anti-inflammatory and good at healing wounds. However, petroleum is a protective agent, so it is good for babies because it protects the skin," the expert explained. This product is not suitable for care, because it completely closes the pores.

Products with lemon juice

Lemon juice is sometimes recommended for skin lightening. Note that acid can change the pH, destroying the barrier, and causing inflammation, irritation, and even scarring. It's even worse when the skin is exposed to sunlight after applying lemon juice - interaction with ultraviolet light can cause a chemical reaction or lead to hyperpigmentation.

Dangerous life hacks for lip plumping

Some beauty bloggers also offer natural lip enhancement with cinnamon, pepper extract, or menthol. These ingredients, especially cinnamon, can cause serious inflammation. Dermatologist Patricia Wexler warns that burns and blisters may appear on the skin.

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