Little-known European towns: the best locations for ardent tourists

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Tourist cities in Europe

Experienced travelers are no longer surprised by Vienna, Paris, or Prague. They are looking for unexplored places that many have never even heard of. It is from here that you can bring back not only souvenirs but also unusual stories and unforgettable impressions.

Do not know where to go? Read on!

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The country is often bypassed by tourists. Usually, most of them go to Montenegro or Croatia. And in vain. There are so many attractions here that you can write a whole volume, not just a guidebook.

Next time, be sure to plan a trip to the cozy town of Mostar. It was founded in the XV century. The history of the province is both stormy and sad. There is probably no settlement that has survived so many wars and battles but still managed to preserve its flavor.

The Old Bridge, which stretches over the river, connecting both banks, is a landmark. You can spend several hours at this location alone. The local scenery has never let anyone go quickly.

Little-known European towns: the best locations for ardent tourists

Bacharach, Germany

The most magical city in the world according to Victor Hugo. Since the time of the writer's life, the place has hardly changed. It has managed to preserve medieval cobblestone streets, houses decorated with wooden beams, and ancient churches.

Baharach is a great alternative to Munich. It's not as crowded, but the traditional German atmosphere is felt to the fullest. Be sure to visit local restaurants, order the legendary sausages with sauerkraut and a glass of... no, not beer, but wine. The drink is a local hallmark and will undoubtedly surprise gourmets.

Odense, Denmark

The small homeland of Hans Christian Andersen will take tourists to a real fairy tale. Scandinavian houses, medieval castles, and narrow streets. It seems that Ole Lukøje is about to appear in the window, Thumbelina will peek out of the flower, and The Shadow will flash on the wall.

It is a shame that travelers hardly ever visit Odense. And they miss a lot. Here, among the interesting architecture, the writer's garden and house museum are hidden in an incredibly beautiful place. And, according to local legend, there are real ghosts here. Look for them in the palaces of Egeskov and Nyborg.

Little-known European towns: the best locations for ardent tourists

Giethoorn, the Netherlands

There are no roads or cars in this place. Instead, there are canals and boats. The houses of the locals are also surprising as these are houses with thatched roofs. Each yard is framed by flower beds, trees and ornamental plants. An ideal location to pause and take a short break from the bustle of the metropolis.

Ghent, Belgium

An alternative to Venice that few Ukrainians know about. But Europeans simply adore this city. Here, as in the previous province, there is a river, the Lis, instead of a highway, and boats serve as public transportation. By the way, many buildings dating back to the 16th century have been preserved here.

There are almost no sights here, but it is worth coming here for the atmosphere and beautiful architecture.

Little-known European towns: the best locations for ardent tourists

Albarracín, Spain

The city has an interesting title. It is the most beautiful in the country. The history of the province dates back to BC, so there are many attractions here. The door handles deserve special attention. They are handmade by local craftsmen. They are definitely worth seeing!

Bled, Slovenia

For a quality outdoor vacation, head here. Be sure to visit the famous island, which is located in the middle of the lake of the same name. On a tiny piece of land stands the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, shrouded in fog and legends. Once upon a time, it was the site of a shrine to Živa, the Old Slavic goddess of life and summer. But with the advent of Christianity, the church was demolished and a Catholic church was built in its place. By the way, 99 steps lead from the shore to it, which have been preserved since the 17th century.

Little-known European towns: the best locations for ardent tourists

Manarola, Italy

In the north of the country, there is an unusual Cinque Terre National Park, which includes five villages. The settlements are scattered right in the rocks, and they are connected by underground roads. Visit at least one of them. Beautiful photos and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

Torun, Poland

Our neighbor still has something to surprise tourists. Next time, move away from the standard Krakow-Zakopane-Warsaw route and head north. There is a medieval city there that has preserved many monuments of that era.

In fact, a lifetime is not enough to explore every corner of Europe. It hides many surprises. So plan your next trip to unexplored places.

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