Internet without lights: 5 of the most effective ways to stay online

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Internet without lights: 5 of the most effective ways to stay online

One of the main problems that arises from Russian shelling of Ukraine's energy system is the disruption of power supply to communication systems, including the Internet. Millions of Ukrainians are left without access to the network.

This problem can actually be solved. There are at least 5 ways to stay online despite the power outage. OBOZREVATEL figured out how to use them.

Mobile hotspot

The vast majority of modern smartphones can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi if there is access to a mobile network. In case of difficulties, you can use national roaming to connect. As a rule, the access point option is available in the quick settings menu, which can be accessed from the top edge of the screen. The operation of such a hotspot is limited by the time the smartphone can operate on a single charge - in this mode, it consumes the battery quite quickly.

Backup power for distribution equipment

Wired Internet passes through several switches - communication distribution points - on its way to your home. For example, the most common FTTB (fiber to the building) scheme in Ukraine now has such points on the provider's equipment that are connected by fiber to switches in each individual apartment building. And from the switch, the twisted pair goes to the apartments, where it either connects directly to a computer or is transmitted wirelessly via the network. If one of these nodes lacks power, there will be no Internet access. As a rule, we are talking about a home switch, because providers usually have generators and other backup power sources. It is this home switch that turns out to be the most vulnerable node. If you provide it with power, you will be able to access the network even if the entire house is cut off. You can contact your provider for more information.

PON connection

Passive Optical Networks (PON) have a smaller number of nodes - a less common technology in Ukraine, but still available. To connect it, you need to run a separate optical cable into your home and connect it to a special subscriber terminal that translates the signal into a more robust twisted-pair cable compatible with your router. In this case, the end user is responsible for the backup power supply for the equipment. Unfortunately, not all providers can provide their users with such access.

Portable router

This method was conceived as a travel option. It is based on 4G modems that connect to a mobile network. Moreover, they do it more efficiently than smartphones. Certain models of such devices can also serve as over-the-air banks. When choosing a modem, ask whether it is compatible with SIM cards of different mobile phones. Also check the battery capacity. Full information about the device should be provided at the point of sale.

ADSL Internet

This technology is considered outdated and can only be obtained from Ukrtelecom, but it still works and can be useful during power outages. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) allows you to transmit an Internet signal without intermediate devices using a copper telephone line - a regular landline. Ukrtelecom said that all the equipment needed to access the Internet via ADSL has backup power supplies, so the connection will work. The main thing is that the subscriber must be able to power his own router with a DSL connector.

What about Starlink?

Starlink satellite Internet has completely different advantages - it provides connectivity where there are no other coverage options. Its equipment does not work without power.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked in detail about GPON technology, a type of PON network available in Ukraine.

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