Hrynkevych's son was detained in Odesa while trying to cross the border: details have emerged. Video

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Hrynkevych's son detained in Odesa while trying to cross the border

Law enforcers detained Roman Hrynkevych, a person involved in a high-profile corruption scandal, in Odesa region. The member of the criminal organization that supplied the Armed Forces with low-quality clothing worth UAH 1 billion tried to illegally leave Ukraine.

The suspect arrived in Odesa around January 17 and since then has been preparing to cross the state border and leave the country. This was reported by the Office of the Prosecutor General.

According to Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin, the defendant in the corruption case was detained in the morning of January 22 in Odesa while trying to organize an illegal border crossing. Roman Hrynkevych is the fifth person involved in this case to be detained by law enforcement officials.

According to the investigation, Hrynkevych could have been in Odesa since January 17. On January 19, at the request of prosecutors, the court granted permission for his detention. The issue of choosing a preventive measure against him is currently being decided.

In his turn, the Director of the State Bureau of Investigation Oleksiy Sukhachov said that SBI officers had established the location of the suspect in the high-profile case of purchasing low-quality military clothing for the needs of the Armed Forces as a result of a set of operational and investigative actions.

"Today at 7 a.m., based on a court order, Roman Hrynkevych, who evaded pre-trial investigation, was detained in Odesa," said the SBI director.

Sukhachev recalled that members of the criminal organization entered into contracts with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to supply clothing to the military. However, according to expert opinions, the supplied property did not meet the technical requirements of the contracts due to its poor quality. The amount of damage to the defense ministry is over UAH 934 million.

Oleksiy Sukhachov emphasized that the detained participant of the criminal scheme, like his father, was served a notice of suspicion, but managed to hide from justice for several days. According to the operative information, he tried to arrange an illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine in order to hide from the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine in one of the EU countries.

As a reminder, at the end of December 2023, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) detained one of the largest suppliers to the Ministry of Defense. It was a Lviv businessman, Ihor Hrynkevych, who offered a $500,000 bribe to one of the heads of the SBI's Main Investigation Department for assistance in returning property seized from companies he controlled during the investigation.

Later, Hrynkevych was chosen a measure of restraint in the form of detention with the possibility of bail in the amount of UAH 429.44 million. The property of his family and companies controlled by him was also seized.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the Ministry of Defense said it was terminating all contracts with companies associated with the scandalous Hrynkevychs. According to Deputy Minister Vitaliy Polovenko, the decision was made after the case was publicized.

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