How to remove limescale on the shower head: the best method

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Your shower head will effortlessly return to perfect condition. Source: Created with the help of AI

Limescale, which is formed from mineral salts dissolved in the water, begins to affect the efficiency of the shower head over time. The deposits build up in the nozzles and the water flow through them becomes increasingly poor, and regular cleaning does not help.

Does this mean that sooner or later you will have to change the nozzle or even the entire shower because of limescale? Experts say no. OBOZ.UA tells you about an ingenious way to clean it to the state of a new one.

All you need for cleaning is a sufficient amount of white vinegar. It effectively destroys lime deposits and disinfects objects.

Begin by removing the nozzle: unscrew it from the hose or pipe and place it in a sturdy resealable bag. Pour enough vinegar into the bag to cover the object completely, close the clasp, and hang the bag. The handpiece should be immersed in the vinegar for at least an hour or better overnight.

After soaking, remove the shower head from the bag, rinse off any remaining vinegar, scrub with a soft brush if necessary to remove any residue, and then spray it with disinfectant to kill any remaining bacteria. Finally, reattach the item and turn on the hot water to rinse it thoroughly from the inside. In a few minutes, the shower will be ready for full operation.

Keep in mind that vinegar can leave a specific odor on the head. If you want to avoid this, try cleaning the plaque with citric acid. This is another effective and cheap solution.

You can use citric acid in a water solution. In this case, dissolve a sachet of citric acid in a liter of water and soak the nozzle in the resulting liquid. Or you can pour lemon juice over the item. The cleaning procedure will be similar to that with vinegar.

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