How to make your eyes bigger with makeup: a tricky trick

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A tricky trick with a brush and concealer will help you find the right transition point between colors

The method of applying eyeshadow with a beautiful transition from light to dark became popular in the 1960s thanks to Twiggy and Cher. Instead of smoky shading, it offers a sharp color transition above the eyelid crease with a lighter tone on the moving part. This is what creates the illusion of large eyes, which is often completed with a sharp arrow that draws attention to itself.

Professional makeup artists say that it is not difficult to master this makeup. It takes a little time and effort. A blogger with the nickname @sydneyslayyyz showed how to do it on TikTok.

The main trick is to determine the exact location of the crosswalk. If you place it too high, the effect of the illusion will be negated, if it is too low, nothing will change. Since the shape of the eye is individual for each person, it is difficult to create a universal algorithm. But there is a way to develop a method that will work for you. Concealer will help you with this.

First, prepare the entire space from the edge of the eyelid and eyebrow with primer, and then cover with concealer to avoid fine lines. Then take the dark eyeshadow and blend it as you wish, focusing on the outer corner. Next, take your foundation or concealer and use the edge of a stiff, flat brush to apply it like a liner to the middle of the eyelid and, before it dries, dramatically roll your eyes upward so that it reflects above the eyelid. To be sure, you should also make a few movements of your eyes from side to side. The space between the two lines will be the ideal area for applying a light color.

Fill this space with concealer, but do not go beyond the middle of the eyelid. Next, it's time to shade the transition. The blogger advises to do this with a clean finger using light pats and to complete the formation of the transition with the remnants of dark shadows on the brush.

Another life hack suggests creating a transition line between a light tone and a dark tone with an eyelash curler. Apply a little concealer to the end of the working part of the eyelash curler and place it on the skin above the eyelid so that one edge of the eyelash curler touches the inner corner of the eye. The touch should leave a clear, beautifully curved imprint of the light color. Blend the concealer from the edge of the eyelid to this line, and then apply light eyeshadow of the shade you need.

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