How to look better without spending a fortune: affordable life hacks

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The correct posture alone can change a lot, if not everything, in a look

By the words "beauty requires sacrifice," we often mean sacrificing money and time to improve our appearance. However, professional stylists say that it is not necessary to invest money and even considerable effort to significantly improve your appearance.

OBOZ.UA tells about a few life hacks that can act as real game changers. Moreover, they are suitable for any style and type of appearance.

Iron your hair

The modern world no longer requires starched collars that keep their shape for a long time and the complete absence of ripples on the fabric of clothes. However, those who iron their T-shirts and jeans still look better than those who don't. Even the most expensive shirt will lose its look if it is wrinkled. Of course, there's no point in ironing everything, but it's always a good idea to take care of accent pieces. You don't have to use an iron as you can also use a steamer: it will be more delicate to textiles.

Clean your shoes

Nothing can ruin an outfit like dirty shoes. Therefore, every time you come home, wipe the pair you spent the day in with a damp cloth. Don't forget about regular treatment with cream and water-repellent spray. In addition, carry a small brush with you to add shine to your look whenever and wherever you need it.

Remove lint

On some fabrics, especially knits, the surface fibers can quickly gather into unsightly lint. They make even fairly new items look worn. Therefore, you need to remove such lint regularly. Buy a special machine for this purpose or use a regular razor and the problem will be solved.

Watch out for makeup stains

Even the most durable makeup still leaves its mark on the clothes we wear. So check your collars and cuffs for foundation, mascara, or lipstick stains regularly. Be sure to treat these stains immediately as the sooner you do so, the better the pigment will come out.

Take care of your posture

Not a single thing (even the best one) will fit well on a hunched back and bent shoulders. Slouching negatively affects not only your appearance but also your health. So try to keep your back straight at all times. Take up yoga to improve your posture, and remember to lift your head proudly and relax your back so that you don't pull your neck into your shoulders. Your look will change dramatically even if you wear tracksuits and sneakers.

Don't overuse makeup

Makeup can really improve your appearance and complete your overall look. However, too thick a layer of it turns your face into a mask. It also adds age. The best daytime makeup is the one you don't notice. Choose light textures and neutral colors for every day to look fresh.

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