How to do smokey eye makeup on mature skin: tips

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You don't have to give up smokey eyes with age, just change your approach to application a bit. Source: Created with the help of AI

It is generally accepted that with age, you should gradually give up brightness in your makeup and some makeup application techniques. In particular, this rule is used to describe eye shadow and the smokey eye technique. Professional makeup artists strongly disagree with this.

For example, for mature skin, you will have to slightly adjust the technique of applying eye shadow. And OBOZ.UA found out how. The main trick is how you will work with the fold of the upper eyelid. But it is not necessary to refuse bright or saturated colors.

The first step in creating flawless smokey eyes is to apply primer. As you age, your skin becomes drier and pigmented and dry products adhere to it somewhat worse. Therefore, such preparation is necessary.

Next, determine exactly where your upper eyelid crease is located. To do this, look directly into the mirror with a completely relaxed face. It's especially important not to raise your eyebrows - this is the movement that shifts the crease the most.

When you find the exact spot that needs your extra attention, apply a little shadow there. They should be slightly darker than your skin color. This will create the smoky effect that makes smokies so attractive.

The next step is to create an accent in the outer corner of the eye with a pencil or dark shadow. With age, the skin sags in this area and it becomes very difficult to stretch the color evenly. Therefore, you need to change the approach to the design of this area. Do it like this: from the last lash in the outer corner, draw a short line upwards. Do not pull it towards the tail of the eyebrow. You can make such an arrow at a slight angle, but the deviation should not be really sharp. Determine your optimal line on your own, because everyone has a different eye shape and there can be no universal advice. Experiment a little, and you will find your own version.

Next, draw another line from the end of this arrow to the edge of the eyelid. This time, the point of contact should be above the middle of the pupil when you look forward. Or it can be closer to the bridge of your nose - again, choose the option you like best. The result should be a triangle that needs to be filled with color. Choose a color that is darker than the one you used to fill in the crease. You should end up with an elongated corner of the eye, like in a classic smokey eye.

Next, you need to shade this triangle to create the effect of stretching the color, apply the liner to the upper eyelid with a minimal arrow in the outer corner, and paint the eyelashes. The look that will look harmonious on mature skin is ready.

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