How to do eye makeup if you wear glasses: tips that will change your life

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Makeup for glasses

Eyeglasses are an accent accessory that helps to emphasize your personality. However, when applying daily makeup, you should take into account certain nuances. Some glasses can visually reduce the size of the eyes - in such cases, you should apply a light, flesh-colored or white pencil along the waterline to open the eyes and make them look bigger.

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge gave some valuable tips on how to apply makeup. She advises avoiding massive black lines on the lower eyelid and other accents that cover the eyes.

How to do eye makeup

Long eyelashes are every woman's dream, but those who wear glasses have problems. Overly long lashes that are constantly in contact with the lenses can be irritating.

When choosing mascara, avoid any super-lengthening formulas and instead choose a brush that is specially designed for horizontal lash extension. Also, try curling your lashes before applying mascara, as the curve will help direct the hairs upward instead of straight.

Eldridge advises to periodically avoid mascara on the upper lashes altogether, instead coloring only the smaller, thin hairs on the lower lash line. This will create a beautiful wide-eyed effect. It will be ideal in combination with a black liner blurred on the upper lash line.

The problem of applying foundation

If you wear glasses all day or for long periods of time, you're definitely familiar with the "signal spots" that appear under the frames.

"The first thing I suggest is not to put too much foundation on your nose. If you put a thick layer of foundation where the glasses are on your nose, it will naturally leave indentations," Eldridge said.

You need to make sure that the cream has sufficient staying power. A matte primer is a good choice as it removes shine that tends to shine through in this area, while a setting spray keeps things fresh while ensuring that makeup stays in place.

Accentuate the lips

Switch the focus and add some drama to your lips. "You can't go wrong with a deep red shade," advises Eldridge.

For even more emphasis and sophistication, add a touch of pearlescent color to your eyes. Finally, make sure your eyebrows are lined and tinted if necessary. Well-groomed eyebrows and bright lips will really add subtle structure to your face.

How to apply blush

If the frame is on the smaller side and rests on the orbital bone, you can be quite traditional with the blush application step and add emphasis to the classic cheek area. If the frame is larger, Eldridge advises choosing a structural option.

"Apply the blush in a large, soft 'C' shape, starting from the cheekbones and going up to the temples," Eldridge adds.

If you prefer a creamy formula, spray the blush with a setting spray after application.

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