How many days left until the New Year: how to make a wish to make it come true

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How to make a wish for the New Year

As the Christmas and New Year season approaches, it's time to think about our most cherished wishes. Of course, for the second year in a row, everyone has the same wish: we dream of peace and victory. Many people will postpone the celebration this year, believing that it is not the right time, but the war has taught us to find joy in the simplest things and appreciate the moments with our loved ones.

It would seem that the New Year is still a long way off - 41 days, but time is running out incredibly fast. Read the OBOZ.UA article on how to make a cherished wish to make it come true.

The magic ball

The main thing in this case - as in all others - is faith. "Practical magic" will work if you want your wish to come true with all your heart and believe that even the most incredible dreams can come true.

The tradition of the "magic ball" is known in many countries. It consists in writing a wish on a piece of paper on the eve of the holiday, rolling up the piece of paper and putting it into a Christmas tree ball. After that, you should find a Christmas tree on the street (or go to the forest), walk around the tree nine times, and hang the ball with your wish as high as possible.

Or there is an easier way. When you decorate the Christmas tree, choose a festive ball, put a piece of paper with a wish in it, hold the ball in your hands, close your eyes and visualize your dream as accurately as possible. Then hang it on the Christmas tree and hide it carefully after the holidays.

How many days left until the New Year: how to make a wish to make it come true

A letter to the future

On the eve of the holiday, everyone usually sees off the old year. Put a pre-written letter in an empty bottle (from champagne or lemonade - it doesn't matter). It can be a note with a dream or a list of plans for the next year. After the holiday, you should hide the bottle as far away as possible and not throw it away until next year - or until the wish comes true.

Wish box

This is a great way to spend the evening of New Year's Eve in a large company with interesting entertainment. Everyone writes their wishes on a piece of paper and puts it in a box (or jar). Then, one wish should be pulled out of each box in turn - it will be the first to come true in the New Year.

You can also make your own wish box. Put spruce branches, candy, confetti, tinsel and other festive attributes in the container. Then write down your main desires and goals for 2024. During the year, the jar with wishes should not be touched - you can put it on the top shelf in the closet or pantry. Those who have already tried this method say that the written wishes really began to come true.

Dreams under the pillow

If you don't have one cherished wish, but you have many small dreams, you can write each one on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow on New Year's Eve. When you wake up on January 1, you should immediately take out one piece of paper - this wish will definitely come true.

Chinese ritual

An interesting ritual called the Oriental or Chinese ritual is gaining popularity on the Internet. The essence of the ritual is to fulfill not only your own desires. You need to buy eight oranges and, before entering the house, throw each one over the threshold. Then you should collect them, wash them, and give them to your family and friends on the first seven holidays (these can be the days from Christmas to New Year's Eve or from New Year's Eve to Epiphany). At the same time, it is important to wish them the fulfillment of their wishes. The eighth orange should be eaten by yourself.

Magic Christmas tree

On New Year's Eve, take a Christmas tree branch, whisper a wish to it, and put it in the water next to your bed. This method even provides the opportunity to check whether the cherished dream will come true. After three days, you should count the number of pine branches that have fallen off: if there is an even number, the wish will come true this year.

Rituals with tangerines

Tangerines have become another symbol of the winter holidays. Their citrus aroma always reminds us of the approaching Christmas and New Year. There is even a sign: if you manage to peel a tangerine and put the peel under the Christmas tree a minute before the chimes, the year will be happy and successful.

You can make a wish on tangerines: write or stick stickers on each one with wishes for the New Year - "Peace," "Victory," "Love," "Health," "Money," etc. One tangerine should have one wish on it. These "magic" tangerines should be eaten with family and friends.

For women who dream of a new addition to their family in the New Year, there is an ancient ritual. Before the chimes, they should take a tangerine, peel it and eat it. If there is a pit, the wish will come true.

A coin of desire

For those who want to achieve financial success in the New Year, there is a ritual with a coin. During the chimes, you should hold a pre-washed yellow coin in your palm, drop it into a glass of drink and drink it. Of course, you do not need to swallow the coin. It is advisable to carry it with you in your wallet all year round.

Bengal lights

If the New Year is already upon us and you haven't had time to do any rituals, don't be upset. Sparklers will come in handy. Light the fire with the chimes and visualize your wishes while the sparks are falling. Keep the burnt stick until the wish comes true.

For those who still didn't meet the deadline

This is a great way for those who didn't have time to make a wish on New Year's Eve. You can dream while disassembling the Christmas tree. All you need to do is hold the last Christmas toy in your hands, close your eyes, and make a cherished wish.

How many days left until the New Year: how to make a wish to make it come true

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