Habits that "steal" youth: aging will accelerate multiple times

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Proper drinks will help support skin health

It's no secret that maintaining youthful skin can be achieved from the inside by consuming enough fluids. However, nutritionists warn that not every beverage is suitable for daily consumption. It's important to know the habits that steal your youth when it comes to drinking.

Eat This, Not That interviewed nutritionists and compiled a list of six bad habits that significantly accelerate skin aging.

Not adding fiber to nutritious drinks

Natural juice is considered a good choice for health as it contains many vitamins and nutrients. However, an important component, fiber, is removed during the extraction process. Adequate fiber intake is crucial in slowing down aging, and reducing the risk of age-related diseases and inflammatory markers. Smoothies made from whole fruits, vegetables, and berries, containing fiber, are a better alternative to fresh juices.

Not drinking enough water

Water is essential for healthy bodily processes, including skin regeneration. Chronic dehydration accelerates aging and contributes to the development of chronic diseases. Plain, clean water is the best drink to keep you young, along with unsweetened tea and coffee.

Consuming too many sugary sodas

While carbon dioxide itself isn't harmful, the added sugar in sugary fizzy drinks is a significant risk factor. It leads to weight gain, stimulates the production of bad cholesterol, and contributes to the accelerated aging of body cells. Carbonated mineral water or adding a little freshly squeezed juice to it is a better choice.

Preferring packaged juices

Packaged juices, like carbonated drinks, often contain added sugar, acting as a preservative. Excessive consumption is associated with a higher risk of premature aging. Nutritionists recommend replacing packaged juices with homemade lemonades.

Relying on artificial sweeteners

The dietary counterparts made with artificial sweeteners might seem like a good alternative to regular sodas, but studies show they don't aid in weight loss and can disrupt the intestinal microbiome, affecting digestive health and, consequently, skin health.

Drinking alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption negatively affects appearance and health. It is linked to falls, fractures, certain cancers, liver disease, leaching of calcium from bones, and exacerbating issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, all of which contribute to accelerated aging.

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