Get good news: which signs will be lucky in love in July. Horoscope

Love horoscope. Source: Created with the help of AI

A happy period will soon come for several zodiac signs. The July new moon is the perfect time to plunge into romantic adventures. Astrologers say that Gemini, Capricorn, and Virgo will be able to realize their cherished dreams and be completely satisfied with life.

According to the forecast, you should get ready for positive changes and opportunities. If you're one of the three zodiac signs mentioned below, you can bring your intentions to the best possible results.


Your partner will be able to surprise you. It will be unexpected news and sudden offers that you won't be able to refuse. The upcoming New Moon also allows you to bring more structure to your relationship. Life seems easier when everything is organized and structured.

This is a period of hope and aspiration. You will make plans for the future together. The fact that you both have the same goals strengthens your sense of connection. Use this time to get to know each other better, which will help you resolve disagreements more effectively.


You're bored with your daily routine. You're looking for a certain amount of tension to spice things up, but don't let it turn into drama.

The stars advise you to strive for wise and thoughtful love, characterized by deep understanding and the ability to peacefully express your own needs. In recent days, you have noticed increased sensitivity, but with the arrival of the new moon, you will immediately feel better. Use this time to get closer to your partner and take the opportunity to initiate important conversations.


During the upcoming new moon, you will devote a lot of time to your partner. You may even be thinking about making a surprise for your significant other. You will put a lot of energy into preparations.

In the past, you often worried about spending money and couldn't afford to be generous. However, once you have additional financial resources, you will want to use them to make your loved one happy. During this phase, you will be able to deepen your connection. During the new moon, you will reach a new level of intimacy when you finally realize that you can trust this person.

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