From Kyiv to the airport: Ukraine is going to launch a train on an important route

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A train is to be launched from Kyiv on an important route
A train is to be launched from Kyiv on an important route. Source: Igor Bubin / Wikimedia

Ukraine is preparing to launch a new international railway route. It is expected to run from Kyiv to Kosice, Slovakia. The purpose of the route is to make it easier for Ukrainians to get to the local airport.

This was reported by the Ministry of Infrastructure. They noted that the train will travel from Kyiv to the Haniska station near Kosice via the Pavlovo – Matovske Vojkovce border crossing.

"The government of the Slovak Republic has approved a proposal to introduce a direct rail link between Kyiv and Kosice. According to [State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic Denisa Žilakova], the route will serve, in particular, to enable more Ukrainians to use the services of the international airport in Kosice," the statement said.

It is emphasized that the launch of the route will be preceded by organizational and preparatory work. In particular:

  • equipment of the premises for border and customs control;
  • changing the platform at the Haniska station near Kosice;
  • preparation of a bus service from Haniska to the airport and Kosice railway station;
  • concluding contracts for transportation services with the Slovak Railways;
  • work on finding sources of funding for the project.

Ukraine launches a "special" train on a popular route

At the same time, a new train, No. 777/778, will run between Kyiv and Lviv. However, temporarily – only on March 30 and 31, during spring break.

The train is daytime. That is, trips in both directions will be made within one day. For example:

  • the train will depart for Lviv at 06:50;
  • arrival – at 13:07.

There is only one stop on the route – at Pidzamche station in Lviv. It will be made at 12:55.

The train will depart for Kyiv on the same days at 13:45. Arrival is at 20:04.

Tickets can be purchased in the Ukrzaliznytsia app. And also:

  • in chatbots;
  • on the company's website;
  • at the railway station ticket offices.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Ukraine is also launching a new Chernivtsi-Uzhhorod train, which will restore direct communication between Bukovyna and Zakarpattia. Its peculiarity is the absence of an exact schedule – depending on the day of the week, it has slight differences. Tickets for the train are already on sale.

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