For body and soul: top balneological resorts in Europe

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Combine business with pleasure? Why not? When traveling to European countries, you can visit various health and wellness centers and have SPA treatments. Even a few days will be enough to improve your health.

Let's talk about the most famous balneological resorts on the continent.

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

There are many spa resorts in the country. But this one is the most popular. In local sanatoriums, people are treated for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity, as well as help to improve metabolism and strengthen the nervous system. In addition, they accept patients who have recently undergone surgery to remove cancerous tumors.

Of course, there are special baths and showers that are used during rehabilitation. But most of all, the emphasis is on drinking. By the way, water consumption should follow a certain pattern, without which, according to the staff of the health centers, there will be no result.

Visitors should sip the healing water directly from the pump room or collect it in special vessels. Plastic bottles should not be used, as this material immediately neutralizes useful microelements. It is only allowed to drink thermal water with a ceramic or porcelain glass. But it is still better to have special cups with an elongated spout.

We also advise you to go to Františkovy Lázně, where cardiovascular diseases, gynecological diseases, and blood pressure problems are treated. You can also visit Mariánské Lázně, the Luháčovice and Teplice spas. The latter is designed for relaxation procedures such as SPA.

For body and soul: top balneological resorts in Europe

Széchenyi Baths, Budapest, Hungary

The health resort is located in the center of the Hungarian capital. The hottest thermal bath in Europe is located here. The local water rises from a depth of 1256 meters, and its temperature reaches 77 degrees.

Here you can undergo a full course of treatment or several useful procedures if you don't have much time. You just need to buy a special one-time ticket. In this case, you regulate your own schedule. You can go to the pools: hot, regular or with a surprise. The latter is very popular among patients because it turns into a jacuzzi every 10 minutes. Its jets are so powerful that the smooth surface instantly begins to bubble.

There are also massage rooms, saunas, baths, and other SPA services. For those who stay here for at least a few days, doctors prescribe a program that focuses on strengthening the body's weaknesses. Usually, people suffering from rheumatism and dermatological diseases are recommended to improve their health here.

For body and soul: top balneological resorts in Europe

Baden, Austria

This favorite of world-famous stars is located near Vienna. It is famous for its sulfuric waters. You must admit that not every resort can boast of their presence. That's why it's a very popular location that's never empty.

The properties of local water bodies were known to the ancient Romans. They were the ones who discovered them. The intellectuals of the ancient world were constantly improving their health here. But other nations did not know about the health resort for a long time. Only local residents and guests from neighboring towns came here. Everything changed in 1804. Then Frederick III made the settlement his residence, and since then it has always been crowded.

It is strictly forbidden to drink the local water. You can only bathe in it, and even then for a limited time, so that the thermal water penetrates the skin and improves metabolism.

For body and soul: top balneological resorts in Europe

Montecatini Terme, Italy

While exploring Tuscany, visit this famous resort. Dozens of different diseases can be treated here. For this purpose, local doctors have developed specialized programs that include drinking mineral water according to specific schemes, as well as special baths - iodine water is added to them.

Acupuncture, cryotherapy, hydromassage, and cosmetic manipulations are used here for comprehensive health improvement.

Interestingly, not all local water can be drunk without a doctor's prescription. For example, Tuttuccio is suitable for everyone, because its composition is similar to blood plasma. It is easily digested and has a positive effect on metabolism, as well as on improving liver and stomach function. Torretta and Tamerici, on the other hand, are very strong and are used only in rare cases. They are recommended for people with long-term constipation. Due to the strong concentration of salts, they are not perceived by the body and are quickly excreted, stimulating the activity of the intestines.

For body and soul: top balneological resorts in Europe

Spending a vacation abroad can be beneficial. Visit European balneological complexes for at least a day. And if possible, stay there for a week. Your body and soul will be very grateful to you.

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