Fishing calendar for June 2024: when will be the best bite

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June is a great month for fishing in Ukraine. The water has already warmed up enough, but it's not too hot yet, which creates favorable conditions for an active bite.

However, in any month there are more and less favorable days for fishing. Therefore, so that you do not waste time and effort in vain, OBOZ.UA publishes a fishing calendar for June 2024.

The fishing calendar is compiled on the basis of lunar phases, weather indicators and other factors that affect the behavior and activity of underwater inhabitants.

Fishing calendar for June 2024: when will be the best bite

For example, during the new moon, you should not expect a good catch, because the fish are not active at all. Also, it is not a good idea to go to a river or pond during a waxing or waning moon.

Instead, if you have the opportunity to go fishing during the full moon, do not miss it.

In general, June is one of the best periods for crucian carp fishing. It is in this month that fishermen often win their trophies.

Fishing calendar for June 2024: when will be the best bite

For a good catch, it is recommended to use pearl barley, steamed wheat, and worms for bait.

Fishing calendar for June-2024

  • The best bite: June 9-16, 25-30.
  • Satisfactory fishing: June 1-3, 17, 23-24.
  • Weak bite: June 4-8, 18-22.

If you plan to go fishing, then find the time for this in June, because in July, due to the heat, the fish will feel uncomfortable and become less active.

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