Biopic, Ukrainian drama and sci-fi: the most interesting movies to see in cinemas this weekend

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This weekend, you can watch films of different genres. Source: Pexels

This year, despite the problems with the screenwriters and actors' strikes, film companies managed to please fans of quality films with new feature-length projects. The Ukrainians did a particularly good job, releasing a number of excellent films during the full-scale war, one of which can be seen in theaters this weekend.

Viewers will be able to choose between light fiction, intense drama, biopic and other genres. OBOZ.UA decided to tell you about 5 films worth watching.

Felix and Me by Iryna Tsilyk

The drama Felix and Me was released in theaters, marking the creative debut of director Iryna Tsilyk. The plot tells the story of a boy named Tymofiii growing up in the 90s. The audience will see the protagonist's complicated relationships with his family, friends, first love, and with Felix, a former counterintelligence officer who served during the war in Afghanistan.

Damaged by Terry McDonough

Fans of the crime and detective genres will be delighted with the new story of a tangled investigation, Damaged. A Chicago police detective will have to solve the case of a serial killer who looks suspiciously like the one who killed his beloved many years ago and was never found.

Civil War by Alex Garland

The plot will cover events in the near future. The United States is shaken by a civil war that erupted because several southern states want to secede. A group of journalists, including a well-known reporter (Kirsten Dunst), are heading towards Washington. It becomes obvious that the country's leadership has turned into a dictatorship, and rebel groups are committing war crimes everywhere.

Back to Black by Sam Taylor-Johnson

The story of British legend Amy Winehouse is the basis for a new biopic. Watch the movie to find out what her successful career cost her, how music influenced her personal life, and what lies behind the phenomenon of one of the greatest performers of all time.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire by Gil Kenan

The continuation of the fantastic adventures of a group of ghost-hunting heroes will give the audience a little less drama but will envelop them with positive emotions. The unification of the old and new generations of otherworldly hunters will be the key to saving the world from the second Ice Age.

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