Beautiful and useful: which houseplants repel flies

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Choosing the right greenery for your windowsill will not only decorate your home, but also bring you great benefits. Source: Created with the help of AI

Summer has many wonderful charms, but it also has disadvantages. For example, insects that bother us both at home and outdoors. You can fight them, in particular, with the help of indoor plants.

For example, flies don't like the smells of some species that can be easily grown on a windowsill. OBOZ.UA tells you more about these plants.


All varieties of the plant contain essential oils, the smell of which is very pleasant for people and extremely repulsive to insect pests. Lavender can be planted in a flower bed under the windows or grown in a pot on the windowsill. And when it blooms, bouquets of blue and purple flowers will perfectly decorate your home and provide additional protection.


Some species of this native of Australia are well suited for growing in pots indoors. Eucalyptus provides a lot of benefits at once. It releases phytoncides into the air that can kill bacteria. It also smells peculiar, but quite pleasant. It is this smell that flies cannot stand.


The fresh, slightly tart aroma of marigolds is probably familiar to all of us. Flies also recognize it well and try to avoid it. To protect your home from annoying insects, plant these flowers in boxes outside the window and they will do their job almost all summer long until the first cold weather.


To have fresh basil at hand all the time and not worry about it wilting, plant it in a pot. This way you will get a fragrant herb for your dishes and salads, as well as a natural repellent. And in the very place where it is most needed – in the kitchen.


The same goes for mint. It will bring you a double benefit, as it will become a fresh ingredient for dishes and drinks, and at the same time keep flies away. This aromatic herb can be grown both indoors and in a box outside the window. Moreover, you can plant several different types of herbs in a box at once – it will look interesting and decorative.

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