An optical illusion: what you notice first tells you about your main fear

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Optical illusion will reveal the truth about fears. Source: timesnownews.com

Our perception of the world is not always objective. It is shaped by many factors, including experience and genetic characteristics.

Optical illusions are widely used not only for entertainment, as they can also tell you a lot about your inner world. For example, the Times Now test can reveal your hidden fears.

Look at the picture and remember what you saw first.

An optical illusion: what you notice first tells you about your main fear

Personality tests with optical illusions take advantage of how human cognitive skills and visual perception interact.

It is well known that the way we see the world is influenced by the dominant hemisphere of the brain. Therefore, which element you see first in an image can tell you more about your personality.


If the first thing you see in the image is a rat, it means that you are afraid to rely on others. You are a responsible person and it is easier for you to do everything on your own than to ask for help or admit that you are struggling.

You also strive to be independent and self-sufficient. Control over your life should be completely in your hands. Criticism, pity, or ridicule can undermine your self-confidence, so you try to avoid them at all costs.

Profile of a person

If you first see a person's face in profile, you are deeply afraid of isolation and loneliness. Unlike people who first saw an animal, it is important for you to be around other people and interact with them.

You are capable of being independent and you like the feeling of being on your own, but you need systematic support. You need to have someone to rely on, so you shouldn't be alone for too long.

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