Actress Natalia Denysenko follows trends: the most fashionable clothes of December 2023 are named

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White trousers are the most fashionable clothes in December, which actress Natalia Denisenko loves. Source: Instagram @natalka_denisenko

Ukrainian actress Natalia Denysenko does not hide her love for white, which is evident in the star's wardrobe. The actress claims that about 90% of her clothes are of this particular shade.

In an interview with Novyi Kanal, Denysenko said that she used to experiment with style, but later found what she liked. Even if you scroll through the celebrity's Instagram page, you can really see how much she adores white. This season, the fashion world looked at the light shade from a different angle, VOGUE writes.

Natalia Denysenko loves white

Even though it's winter outside and we traditionally look at classic blue jeans and black trousers, this year is different. Fashion experts have recognized white bottom clothes as the most trendy in December 2023.

The actress is not afraid to wear white in winter

Natalia Denysenko combines light trousers with a plush coat or a down jacket. This way, the star creates a warm and original look.

Kendall Jenner joins the trend

This trend can be clearly seen among celebrities. For example, the famous model Kendall Jenner combines a white bottom with a black leather jacket of an unusual cut.

Street fashionistas play with textures

Street fashion representatives have also joined the trend. The most versatile example of how to incorporate white pants into your outfit is to add a black belt and coat. This look will look laconic and stylish.

You can add a black belt and a coat or a jacket to this look

A total-white look will be especially trendy. You can add black or silver accessories.

A total-white look can be ''diluted'' with accessories
Fashionistas experiment with combinations
Knitted suits are in fashion now

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