A Russian tourist was arrested in Bali for stealing food from restaurant visitors

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The Russian man stole food in Bali and was admitted to the hospital

A Russian citizen named Artem Setkin was arrested on the island of Bali. The 29-year-old Russian, of Caucasian descent, was apprehended in a restaurant for stealing food and drinks from diners.

The 'friendly' but not very coherent tourist, as reported by Russian media, was willing to engage with the immigration authorities but could not explain his intentions. The incident took place in an establishment in the South Kuta neighborhood, and it was reported by the Indonesian publication Detik.

According to Deni Astika, the head of the local police operations department, the foreigner initially resisted the arrest but later made contact. Law enforcement officers couldn't obtain answers to all their questions regarding the Russian's background and the purpose of his stay in the country.

A Russian tourist was arrested in Bali for stealing food from restaurant visitors

Setkin displayed signs of mental illness during the interview. He is currently under the care of Professor Ngoer Hospital in Denpasar. It is known that the Russian citizen was admitted to the medical institution in September of the previous year, although the reason for his treatment was not disclosed.

Journalists discovered that Artem's passport is set to expire in December 2023. Notably, the Russian embassy is not involved in the affairs of the ailing citizen. Journalists did not receive any comments from Russian representatives in Bali.

At present, the responsibility for treating the Russian man has fallen on the local authorities. What will happen to him when his identification document expires remains uncertain.

Previously, OBOZ.UA reported that a Russian tourist entertained Phuket airport staff with his antisocial behavior for 14 days. You can find all the details in our article.

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