A drone attacked an aircraft factory: details of the morning "bavovna" in Russian Smolensk have emerged

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UAV attacks an aircraft factory in Smolensk, Russia

On Friday, November 17, a drone attacked the Smolensk Aviation Plant. In the morning, explosions were heard there.

The details were reported by Russian propaganda outlets. According to them, at about 8 a.m., the drone was allegedly "suppressed by the electronic warfare forces" and fell on the territory of the aircraft plant.

In the afternoon, the governor of the Smolensk region reported that the air defense of the aggressor country "shot down Ukrainian airplane-type drones." According to him, this happened in the Zadniprovsky district and on the territory of the Smolensk district.

He stated that there were three UAVs, but did not mention anything about the aircraft plant.

A drone attacked an aircraft factory: details of the morning ''bavovna'' in Russian Smolensk have emerged

According to Russian propagandists, the drone pierced the roof of the workshop and exploded. A fire broke out on the spot and was later extinguished.

A meter-long hole was left in the roof of the building. According to RosZmі, there were no casualties.

On Friday morning, local residents of Smolensk complained about loud explosions near the aircraft factory where missiles are produced. There were three explosions in total, so loud that some Russians "shook the house." Then a bright flash was seen over the aircraft factory, and firefighters rushed to the scene.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Russia produces X-59 missiles at the Smolensk aircraft plant, which it uses to fire at peaceful Ukrainian cities. On October 1, UAVs flew at the plant - three of the four drones managed to damage the facility, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

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