Why you shouldn't make rags from of old clothes: what the omen warns about

Is it permissible to make hangers from old clothing

Most of the superstitions are associated with old clothes. It has long been believed that items can retain the energy of their previous owners, potentially "transmitting" diseases and negativity.

Practical individuals often repurpose old clothes into rags, a cost-effective and practical habit. However, those who believe in superstitions may disapprove, as using rags made from used clothes is considered a bad omen. Learn why making rags from old clothes is discouraged and what the superstition warns about in the OBOZREVATEL article.

People advise against giving items a "second life" by using them as rags, suggesting that it could have a negative impact on the owner of the clothes.

According to the beliefs of our great-grandmothers, turning someone's clothes into rags could bring trouble into the house. This interpretation is linked to the idea that items accumulate energy, and collecting dirt and dust with someone's clothes could supposedly "taint the aura" of the person who used to wear them. This belief is particularly emphasized for children's clothes. If a child has outgrown their clothes, tearing them into rags is discouraged, as it is believed to bring poverty to the child's future life.

Therefore, it is recommended to either donate used items in good condition to charity or simply dispose of them.

It's worth noting that an old superstition suggests that certain items should not be thrown away. This includes bags, wallets, underwear, and children's clothes. Disposing of a wallet in the trash is believed to bring bad luck and financial difficulties. Similarly, throwing away underwear and children's clothes is discouraged in these superstitions.

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