Why clothes stay dirty and smell after washing: the "dirty" reason is revealed

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Sometimes, even after a wash cycle, clothes have an unpleasant odor. It may not be the detergent or the quality of the tap water. Washing machines need to be cleaned regularly, and this applies to both the drums and the detergent containers.

To avoid spoiling your favorite clothes with a regular wash, you should follow a few tips. Experts have explained why clothes remain dirty and smell unpleasant after washing.

Step 1: Cleaning the filter

Holly Drummond, a user of the popular social network, told us how she managed to clean her washing machine and save her favorite clothes.

Open the panel in the lower right corner of the machine - there you will see the tube and the filter. The filter usually has a lot of dirt, grime, and lint accumulated over the years without cleaning. When Holly opened the tube, water came out with large pieces of dirt and detergent residue.

To clean the filter, use an old toothbrush soaked under running water. Before putting the filter back in the appliance, rinse the dirty areas around it with a cleaning spray and dry it with a paper towel.

Step 2: Rubber seals

The next step is to clean the door seals - you'll need detergent and a cloth. Holly recommends using bleach - it's effective on the toughest stains and mold.

Step 3: Cleaning the drum

To disinfect your washing machine, you'll need to run an empty wash cycle to clean the drum. You can use a little white vinegar or baking soda. Make sure the water temperature is high.

Pour ¼ cup of white vinegar into the detergent tray and another quarter directly into the drum during the cleaning cycle. The procedure should be repeated regularly - every 3-4 weeks.

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