Toyota has revealed a saloon that is cheaper and bigger than the Camry

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Toyota Avalon
The new Toyota Avalon happened to be affordable. Source: Autohome

The large Toyota Avalon 2023 saloon received a new base modification. This car is the cheapest in the lineup with the engine economical as well.

According to Autohome, it is thanks to the new engine that helped reduce the price of the Avalon sedan. Four-cylinder gasoline motor with a volume of 2 liters produces 177 hp of power.

The unit is inherited from the younger Toyota RAV4 and Corolla, as well as the CVT variator. Thanks to this combination, the model has an attractive fuel consumption of 6.1 liters/100 km in combined mode.

Toyota Avalon

Another economy feature is equipment. The digital dashboard was abandoned in favor of classic analog dials, with the diagonal of the central monitor of the infotainment system reduced.

Toyota Avalon is larger than Camry. However, the price of such a simplified modification turned out to be very attractive, starting from $29,200. It will go on sale in China for starters. The same Toyota Camry is more expensive  In Ukraine, starting from $31,600 for the base version.

To remind, as OBOZREVATEL reported, Skoda showed two of its new cheap models at once. The cars received modern equipment.

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