Towels will be softer and more absorbent: an ingenious laundry trick

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All it takes is a little white vinegar to fix your towel care mistakes

The worst thing that can happen to a towel is that it loses its ability to absorb moisture. This is usually accompanied by the towel becoming stiff and rough to the touch.

Fortunately, the problem can be prevented. And you only need one simple remedy to solve it - white vinegar. OBOZ.UA learned the secrets of laundry experts.

Why a towel loses its softness and stops absorbing water

There can be several reasons for this, but they can be reduced to one common feature - foreign impurities accumulate in the fibers of the towel, making it hard. Most often, it is either lime contained in the water or detergent residue that is not completely washed out. Also, paradoxically, the cause may be the use of fabric softener, which also accumulates in the fabric.

How to restore softness to towels

One simple remedy can save textiles - white vinegar. A mild acid solution can break down deposits in the fibers and make towels soft again, restoring their ability to absorb moisture.

To make the most of the power of vinegar, follow a few simple steps. First, put the towels in the drum of your washing machine, taking care not to overload it. These textiles need enough space to rinse properly.

Add your usual detergent at a slightly lower dosage than usual and choose a longer cycle and a higher wash temperature. And before starting the machine, pour half a cup of white vinegar directly into the drum.

After the wash is finished, run an extra rinse to rinse out all the detergent residue and vinegar from the fibers.

If you are drying your laundry in a tumble dryer, set the temperature to medium or high for towels. Air drying is also suitable for finishing such textiles.

How to prevent towels from becoming stiff

To prevent the towels from becoming stiff again and losing their absorbency, make sure that they do not accumulate excessive impurities. To do this, keep track of how much detergent you put in. If you put less detergent than the instructions suggest, the wash will still be effective, but it will be easier to rinse things out.

Experts also advise avoiding the use of fabric softeners. They have the ability to accumulate not only in the fabrics but also in the machine mechanism, which can cause mold and bacteria to develop there.

Instead, add water softeners to your laundry. They will have a positive effect on the overall quality of the wash.

Do not overload the machine. A clogged drum does not rinse well. And use the vinegar life hack from time to time if necessary. You don't need to add it with every wash, as it can also damage the fibers if you overuse it.

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