Top 10 plants that will create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment

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These plants will effortlessly turn your home into a real garden

You can create a cozy atmosphere in your home without expensive renovations or designer furniture. You just need to choose a few indoor plants that will grow as lushly as possible in the given conditions.

Home gardening experts advise giving preference to species that produce a large leaf mass. Flowering plants usually do not have very showy foliage. However, they can complement a deciduous garden. OBOZ.UA will tell you about a dozen unpretentious species that will change your home beyond recognition and at the same time will not take much time and effort to care for.

Top 10 plants that will create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment


This is one of the most hardy houseplants that feels good even in conditions of lack of watering and limited access to light. With regular care, a small branch quickly turns into a lush bush. Even a complete beginner can handle zamioculcas.


Have you always dreamed of decorating your home with a leafy cascade? Choose a philodendron. It is very unpretentious to the conditions of keeping, tolerates missed watering and, most importantly, grows quickly. There are many types of philodendrons with different leaf sizes and shapes. Plant several stems in one pot and soon your dream will come true: under good conditions, the plant will grow up to a meter in length in a year.

Top 10 plants that will create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment


Like the philodendron, the monstera is a vine. However, it's easy to grow it vertically. Just give it support and it will produce several leaves a year. However, in low-light conditions, there will be fewer openings in the leaves as the monstera needs plenty of light. It is also less suitable for small rooms as it can grow to gigantic sizes.

Dracaena Sander, also known as indoor bamboo

Despite its resemblance to bamboo, this plant is not related to it at all. Nevertheless, people call Dracaena sanderiana the indoor bamboo or the lucky bamboo. It grows well in shaded areas because it does not like direct sunlight. It is also quite tolerant in terms of watering.

Top 10 plants that will create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment

Elegant chamaedorea

The name of the plant speaks for itself. It is a small indoor palm that grows in a beautiful exotic sultan of feathery leaves. Chamaedorea is not very fond of coolness, and this is the end of its special requirements. The palm tree grows upwards, so it won't take up much space. However, it will create the atmosphere of the real tropics in your home.


Give this little bush a little love and it will turn into a real home decoration. Chlorophytum stores water and food well in its roots, so it won't feel bad if you forget to water it once in a while. The plant is suitable for different lighting. It is a good choice for hanging pots because an adult bush has a very loose rosette and can produce long runners with small plants at the ends. Therefore, chlorophytum can be placed even in a cramped room without losing any usable space.

Top 10 plants that will create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment


This is the case when the plant has both very decorative greenery and extremely beautiful flowers. Spathiphyllum tolerates different light and humidity conditions. But it will have to be watered on time. Fortunately, it knows how to remind you of missed watering - if the soil moisture level drops below a comfortable level, it drops its leaves. If you add a little water to the pot, the plant will return to its previous state in a couple of hours without any loss in appearance. It will also delight you with beautiful white flowers that last a very long time.

Maranta arundinacea

This beauty comes from the tropical forests of Brazil and became famous for its colorful leaves. Some species combine several shades of green, some have spectacular red veins. The plant feels quite good in dark rooms and does not take up much space as it is quite compact in size. However, it needs to be watered quite regularly. In return, you will get a very decorative flowerpot, a real home decoration.

Top 10 plants that will create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment


The colorful foliage of aglaonema does not lose its decorative effect even in low light conditions. However, variegated varieties may lose some contrast if they lack light. Still, this will not harm the plant as a whole. Aglaonema can even bloom with good care but it is so beautiful on its own that you don't have to force it to do so.

Adiantum raddianum

This is probably the most beautiful fern of all those suitable for growing at home. For its decorative properties, it was given the poetic name Venus hair. Its branches are often used to decorate bouquets. The fan-shaped leaves, branched into many small elements with a delicately cut edge, can be adored endlessly. Adiantum is unpretentious to light and temperature but it is better not to forget about watering.

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