Save your nerves: 5 things you should not buy online

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Not everything can be bought online

Online shopping is booming. People are visiting stores less and less and using courier services much more often when buying things online. However, not everything can be bought blindly. There are things you should touch before you pay for them.

Marie Claire magazine provides a list of prohibited goods on the Internet and advises you to go to a real store to buy them. We are talking about five of the simplest but most important wardrobe items.

Shopping is a therapy.

Shoes. It will be a great happiness if you manage to find shoes that fit on the Internet as sometimes people can't immediately choose comfortable boots or shoes even in stores. And if you can still guess the size, then the rise and fullness of the leg is unlikely. It is also important to check the fittings by touch and with a keen eye so as not to throw the purchase away.

Shoes should always be tried on.

Underwear. This is another prohibited item to buy online because it is non-returnable. It can also be compared to shoes, in the choice of which the size is important as the cup may not fit even if you have accurately measured all the parameters, and giving underwear to someone will also be a risk.

Underwear cannot be returned.

Hats. Oddly enough, this wardrobe item is also best chosen in real life. That's because this item should fit your face very well. The Internet, Photoshop, and screen brightness can distort the shade you need, and when the courier brings the item, it will simply disappoint you. In addition, size and fitting are also important in case of allergies. You can tell by putting on a hat and scratching your forehead.

You may be allergic to the material of the hat.

Belts and gloves. First, the sizes often differ, so gloves need to be measured in real life. And secondly, belts need to be selected individually for each pair of pants or jeans. In addition to different widths, they differ in the level of fit and purpose.

Belts should be chosen with trousers.

Evening outfit. Everything is very simple here: finding an outfit for a holiday is a kind of therapy and pleasure. So it is a sin to deprive yourself of such pleasure. You can become Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman and experience the intrigue of shopping, as well as enjoy different looks of yourself. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to looking for a dress online. Moreover, an expensive outfit needs to be tried on even more than others.

Gloves do not always correspond to the specified size.

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