"Nobody needs it": Medvedev dreams of Ukraine's disappearance from the planet

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Medvedev dreams of Ukraine's disappearance from the planet

The odious Russian politician Dmitry Medvedev has had another bout of Ukrainophobia. This time, the deputy head of the Russian Security Council dreamed of our country's disappearance from the planet.

The inadequate man uttered the nonsense that in 1991 Ukraine was "named after pieces of Russia". Medvedev shared his sick reasoning on a Russian social network.

Medvedev's flight of fancy was limited to the traditional Russian propaganda references to "Nazis" and that Ukraine's Western partners were allegedly "tired" of supporting our country in the fight against the Russian occupiers.

The deputy head of the Russian Security Council also began to insult Western politicians again, in particular, calling US President Joe Biden a "moron". At the same time, Medvedev invented the idea that Americans allegedly suffer from the fact that they support Ukraine and "won't even show the country on a map".

Medvedev has once again confirmed Russia's aggressive and aggressive goals towards Ukraine. Once again, he claimed that our country is allegedly "ancestral Russian lands" and that Ukrainian citizens are "subjected to abuse by the Nazi Kyiv regime".

The aggressor cynically claimed that by killing and raping civilians, destroying settlements and infrastructure, Russia was allegedly "protecting the population of Ukraine".

Recall that Medvedev has once again fallen victim to the spring escalation. He launched new insults against Ukraine and its authorities over the termination of the lease agreement between the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra National Reserve and the UOC-MP, and the extravagant Russian official began threatening the Ukrainian leadership with "God's judgement".

Earlier, Medvedev said that Russia would kill "NATO peacekeepers" in Ukraine. The information about the discussion in the West of the idea of sending a peacekeeping contingent to Ukraine caused the deputy head of the Russian Security Council to throw a fit.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Medvedev complained that Russia found itself in absolute isolation and without allies after it unleashed a war in Ukraine. The politician said that this situation was "unique" for a terrorist country.

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