If you need quick solutions: three fashion life hacks that will be useful to everyone

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Fashion life hacks that will be useful for everyone

Being a fashionista is not an easy job. In addition to keeping up with trends, it is also important to know a lot of tricks that help you cope with fashion disasters. For example, every girl should know how to "increase" the size of tight shoes or get rid of sweat stains on her favourite white shirt or dress in a short time.

Knowing fashion tricks will automatically save you from unpleasant situations that everyone has faced at least once in their lives. OBOZREVATEL has collected three effective life hacks that will help you solve fashion problems at home without much effort.

How to fit into a new pair of tight shoes in no time

Is a new pair of beautiful shoes a little tight? Who hasn't been there? Don't be upset and return the shoes to the store. There's a simple solution: put on the thickest pair of socks you have, then put on your shoes (or other shoes that need to be "enlarged") and heat them with a hairdryer from a distance for 20-30 seconds. Now bend your feet up and down to loosen the tight spots. Then take them off and let them cool slightly.


Removing wrinkles on a faux leather jacket

After a long period of storage, imitation leather garments develop wrinkles. To avoid this trouble, turn the jacket or jacket inside out, then fold it and store it in your wardrobe. If the appearance of wrinkles cannot be prevented, apply a drop of moisturiser to the damaged area with a cotton swab. The "procedure" may have to be repeated several times until it is completely "healed".


Quickly remove sweat stains from clothes

Sweat stains on a white shirt, dress or T-shirt are perhaps the most common problem. As it turns out, it's easy to solve. Squeeze some lemon juice into a spray bottle and spray it on the stain. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash the item.


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