How not to dry clothes in the apartment

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Lifehacks for drying clothes

As the cold weather approaches, the question of where to dry clothes is relevant again. Drying in rooms worsens air quality and can cause mold. As water evaporates, it releases moisture and detergent residue, which often leads to a feeling of "heavy" air.

The best option is to open windows or turn on the ventilation system while drying the laundry. For even drying, you should change things in places and re-hang the clothes. OBOZREVATEL will tell you how not to dry them.

Why you can not leave things in the washing machine for a long time

Clothes should be hung up as soon as possible. If you leave the laundry in the machine for an hour or two, the fabric will soak up an unpleasant odor. If appliances are old, the odor will be sharper.

Mistakes when using dryers

Do not leave things on towel dryers in the bathroom for a long time. The longer clothes dry in this way, the harder it will be to iron them, so the material will become unpleasant to the touch.

When trying to save space, we often hang clothes on the dryer too close. The clothes will take longer to dry, they will begin to fray and have an unpleasant odor.

Drying on radiators

You want your clothes to dry as quickly as possible in the fall and winter. The seemingly ideal solution is to use radiators. In reality, this leads to a dramatic increase in humidity.

When clothes are drying at a normal pace, the ventilation system can evacuate moisture quite efficiently. At an accelerated rate, evaporation settles in the form of condensation, which can cause mold to appear in the room. Its spores can cause significant harm.

There are also aesthetic nuances as things can dry out and prints and patterns can crack.

Drying in the kitchen

Many people think that this is quite a practical lifehack as it is always hot and warm there. But the laundry can soak up the smell of fish, meat or vegetables and the fabric can get dirty with greasy fumes.

Drying in the bathtub

Clothes can be dried there only if the room has quality ventilation. It is desirable to turn on the hood and leave the door open to prevent condensation on the walls and mirrors.

Laundry lifehack

When washing bed linen, towels or jeans, set the water cycle mode to maximum. However, not all fabrics can handle the extra load, so check the washing instructions on the label first.

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