From a commoner to an aristocrat: 5 Marilyn Monroe make-up secrets that made her a beauty standard

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Marilyn Monroe's eyes were expressive thanks to the use of three shades of eyeliner

Marilyn Monroe, an American film actress, model, singer and film producer, became famous not only because of her intellectual and acting skills. External changes also helped her to make her way to world fame. The girl dyed her brown hair cold blonde and entrusted her make-up to a professional.

Allan "Whitey" Schneider is Monroe's personal make-up artist and stylist. He used certain tricks to emphasise the natural beauty of the film star. The man applied pink blush to the tip of the nose to visually reduce it. And to make his eyes almond-shaped, he glued false eyelashes only to the outer edge. Read what other beauty secrets Allan used in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Eyebrow shape

Allan intensively highlighted the shape of the actress's eyebrows, jewellery tracing them with a "house". This way, he artificially created a surprised look in his star client with the help of an overstated centre of the lines. In addition, this technique visually reduced the width of her forehead.


2. Evening out the skin tone

Before applying the foundation, Allan smeared a thin layer of petroleum jelly on Marilyn's face. This helped to moisturise the skin and make it shine in the spotlight. Today, this technique is also relevant. Vaseline can be used as an improvised highlighter on the cheekbones and under the eyebrows.

3. Voluminous lips

Previously, lips were not enlarged with injections, but the make-up artist knew how to make them plump even without it. He used a chocolate-coloured contour pencil and at least 5 shades of lipstick. After that, he put a highlighter dot in the centre of the lower lip and applied a fatty balm to the entire surface of the lips.


4. Wet eye make-up

Marilyn Monroe's most expressive make-up features were not only her lips, but also her eyes. Allan used to do the so-called "wet make-up". To do this, he applied a thin layer of petroleum jelly or coconut oil to compact eyeshadow.

5. Eye eyeliner

The make-up artist always combined several shades of eyeliner. He would draw the lash line with black and brown, and the inner and outer corners of the eyes with white. In the inner corners of the eyes, he put a pair of red dots, which emphasised the shine in the look.

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