"Break through the enemy's defences": Reznikov names key tasks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces counter-offensive and explains what determines its timing

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Reznikov says when the Ukrainian Armed Forces may launch a counter-offensive

Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov assured that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing a counter-offensive, the main task of which is to weaken the occupiers' defences and possibly break through them. However, it is not possible to disclose the plans of the military command and share details of the upcoming operation, as the enemy is closely monitoring this.

The head of the defence ministry said this in an interview with NV published on Wednesday, April 5. He noted that the timing of the offensive is influenced by many factors, such as soil conditions and weather.

Therefore, the exact date of its start cannot be named.

"That's why we say: yes, there will be a counter-offensive, its task is to weaken the enemy's defences, to break through them in certain places using modern equipment. But we will not say the exact dates, because there are many factors," Reznikov said.


He stressed that the government and military commanders are trying to communicate with Ukrainians about the upcoming counter-offensive "as frankly as possible". However, most of the plans need to be kept secret, as Russia is gathering intelligence and trying to understand what is coming.

Earlier, Reznikov said that the Ukrainian army could launch a counter-offensive in April-May 2023. According to him, the counter-attack is planned in several directions. At the same time, the defence minister noted that the General Staff of the Armed Forces would choose the most appropriate time to launch a counter-offensive.

The New York Times previously reported that Ukraine is preparing to launch a major counter-offensive in the coming weeks. It will test the Ukrainian armed forces' ability to rearm and form battalions while maintaining the motivation and manoeuvring skills that gave it the advantage in three previous counteroffensives.

The media noted that time is of the essence in this matter.

At the same time, the Russians are visibly panicking and are intensifying their preparations for a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army. In particular, in the Ukrainian Crimea, which has been under occupation since 2014, they have dug long lines of trenches and deep trenches to stop military equipment.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine is preparing to de-occupy its territories - the invaders still have time to leave the foreign land, otherwise they will be destroyed.

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