Which seasonal foods should not be frozen: they will simply go bad

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What not to freeze for the winter

In the spring and summer, when there is a lot of different vegetables, fruits and berries - we want to keep all these products for the winter. Freezing comes to the rescue. But not all products are of high quality after such storage.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you what seasonal products are better not to freeze in order not to spoil them. It is better to consume such food right now.

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If you have the idea to freeze young potatoes - give it up. The fact is that potatoes contain a lot of starch, and it changes its structure in the process of freezing. Therefore, the vegetable will be completely unpalatable and hard.


Foods that contain a lot of water

Products such as cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, apples, pears, watermelons, and melons are very juicy and have a lot of liquid in their composition. When frozen, the liquid crystallizes. This food will be unfit for consumption after defrosting and will turn into mush.


Greens and lettuce leaves


After defrosting, the greens lose their crisp and dense texture, become soft and disintegrate. And for a tasty salad such a product is certainly not suitable. But dill, sorrel, or parsley can be frozen already chopped and used for soups.


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