What to do to keep tomatoes from cracking during preservation: simple tips

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How to preserve tomatoes properly
How to preserve tomatoes properly. Source: Pexels

Delicious canned tomatoes are a real find in winter. And right now, you need to take care to enjoy them safely during the cold season.

When preserving these vegetables, housewives often have the same problem: the tomatoes in the jar crack, which causes them to lose their appearance, and subsequently affects the taste of the preservation.

FoodOboz decided to tell you about two ways to avoid this trouble.

Canned tomatoes are a real find in winter

The first method

One fairly simple manipulation can save the day. So, before sending the tomatoes to the jar, you need to give it a good "sweat": pour a little marinade on the bottom and leave it to stand.

Then the marinade should be gradually added to the jars, with each subsequent portion being hotter than the previous one.

What to do to prevent tomatoes from cracking during preservation

The second method

This method is much easier because it can take just a few seconds. To prevent tomatoes from cracking, you need to pierce them before canning. You can do this with a toothpick. The puncture site is near the stalk.

These two methods should protect your tomatoes and help them maintain their attractive appearance.

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