How to freeze tofu cheese and what to do with it later: simple life hacks

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What can be cooked with tofu

Tofu is a soybean product that tastes and feels like cottage cheese. It is very high in protein, so vegetarians eat it instead of meat. But before cooking with this product, you need to perform a few simple manipulations.

The American online publication INSIDER has learned how to freeze tofu and what you can cook with it.

Tofu is an extremely versatile product. It can be used to make smoothies and a variety of fried dishes. After all, the true taste is revealed in combination with other ingredients. Tofu is 80 percent water. When water freezes, it turns into ice crystals, which expands the proteins in tofu. After defrosting, the product becomes more porous and releases more moisture.

Freezing does not change the flavor of tofu, only the texture and color. You can freeze tofu in whole blocks, but for best results, it should be dried and diced first.

Soft tofu is not worth freezing, as it is minimally processed and does not withstand temperature changes well. It is better to take firm tofu, which becomes perfectly textured after defrosting. Before using it, you will need to defrost it very well and drain off the excess liquid.

How to cook tofu deliciously

1. Before using frozen tofu, boil it

2. Then dry and fry in a frying pan.

3. It is very tasty to combine chili with this product.

4. Grind the tofu well and add salt.

5. Use instead of meat filling for a variety of dishes.

6. Simply fried tofu can be served with your favorite sauce or marinade.

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