"You're 30, you're already an aunt": details of the scandal between Yefrosynina and Honcharenko at the casting of "Star Factory" have become known

The details of the scandal between Masha Efrosinina and Alexey Goncharenko on "The Star Factory" have become known

In 2009, Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Yefrosynina worked as a host in the green room of "Star Factory 3," a singing talent show. During the auditions, there was a risk that she would not be approved due to her lack of experience in communicating with people, but Yefrosynina proved to everyone that she could host programs.

The TV presenter told her story about joining the "Star Factory 3" team in the"Adult Girls" program she co-hosted with singer Olia Poliakova. Yefrosynina was already 30 years old at the time, and she considered the talent show to be her last chance to gain recognition. Producer Olexii Honcharenko was reluctant to cast her as a host, but thanks to the New Channel's insistence, Yefrosynina was given a chance.

"I was told: "Masha, you have a chance to become a presenter. At the time, it seemed to me that this was the last chance. I am 30 years old. I'm preparing for the Factory, I know that a lot of things have been forgotten about me, I've led many very strange and terrible projects. I come to a meeting with the producer of Star Factory 3. He sits down and says to me in person, "I'm against you being the host with all my hands and feet. I don't like you. You've become so 'stained' with a bunch of fashionable sentences... There's nothing left of you as Masha from "Rise". As a producer, I see that you will be a problem. I want a lighthearted, cool, cheerful girl. And you're 30, you're already an aunt." And he gave me such a hard time..." the TV presenter said about the casting for the hosts of "Star Factory 3".

The only reason that saved Yefrosynina from a kind of collapse was the New Channel, which was filming the show. Its executives wanted to see the TV presenter on the air, so Honcharenko had to make concessions and give her a chance.

"I'm already sitting here thinking that I won't get this role. I'm not going to be a presenter. And he said: "But the channel wants you so badly! And I see that the channel will be for you. And I will do everything to make sure that you are not there, so take this into account at the auditions," summarized Yefrosynina.

In his commentary to Lux FM, Honcharenko explained that he did not mean to call the TV presenter "too old." He only had doubts about whether she would be able to communicate with people without any problems.

"It wasn't about 'too old'. Now she has become such a cool interviewer, but back then it was hard for her to communicate with ordinary people, it seemed to me. She lacked some kind of humanity. She had to cultivate it in herself, she had to work on it," the producer explained.

However, Efrosinina believes that this strict attitude towards herself worked in her favor. In the green-room, she "did her show" with the participants of "The Star Factory."

"I believe that if he hadn't done that, I might not have hosted that factory. I wasn't put on stage, I was in the green-room, which hit my "ego" hard. But I made the best of it. I did my own show. In the green-room, the walls were crushing me. I wanted so badly to prove to Lesha and everyone else that I could do it well. It worked in my favor," said Efrosinina.

''You're 30, you're already an aunt'': details of the scandal between Yefrosynina and Honcharenko at the casting of ''Star Factory'' have become known

The producer also commented on the attitude towards the presenter at the time: "It was about the fact that sometimes you have to be strict with stars, TV presenters, singers, and someone has to tell them the truth to their face."

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