Tina Karol, who will perform in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, admitted that she was ashamed of her performance at the 2006 contest

Tina Karol admits she's ashamed of her Eurovision 2006 performance

The final of Eurovision 2023, which will take place this Saturday, May 13, will feature famous Ukrainian artists, as our country won the contest last year. Tina Karol is among the stars who will take to the stage in Liverpool. She will sing her old hit Show Me Your Love, with which she represented Ukraine in 2006.

Back then, the singer brought Ukraine a decent seventh place, but as it turned out, Karol herself is not happy with her performance. The singer says that she is somewhat ashamed of her performance. She told us more about it in an interview with M1.

When Tina was invited to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song Show Me Your Love, she was a little upset because she didn't want to sing this particular song again. The music was composed by Mykhailo Nekrasov and Tina Karol herself, and the lyrics were written by Pavlo Shilko. However, in Liverpool, the singer promises to present a new version of the track, which turned 17 this year.

"It was 2006. The beginning of my career... It's not that I don't like this performance, but I'm embarrassed. It's so grotesque! It's my inferiority complex. And when I got the invitation, I realised that, oh, my God, I have to sing this song. I immediately asked if I could sing another song. And I thought that I needed to do some kind of trick, but I slowed myself down so as not to do more than necessary. We changed the arrangement to make the song more modern and contemporary," the star shared.

The famous white dress that Karol wore at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest is still hanging in her wardrobe, but as you can tell from the artist's words, she will be performing in a completely different look in Liverpool.

"The dress... you don't need to get into that dress, although I did, I tried. As soon as I received the invitation, I went to try it on," Karol commented.

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