"There must be subordination": Reshetnik's wife bragged about the same image as Elena Zelenskaya and ran into the heckle. Photo

Journalist and wife of TV presenter Grigory Reshetnik Kristina showed her audience the bow she had chosen for New Year's Eve 2023. As it turned out, she chose an ensemble in gray-blue color, which the whole world saw on the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya during the coronation of Charles III. The comparison with the president's wife embarrassed the girl's fans - they "attacked" her with accusations.

Collage Christina posted on her Instagram. The images of Reshetnik and Zelenskaya are indeed sewn by the same designer Katya Silchenko, but you can see the differences between them. The mother of three also noted in the social network that Ukrainians are the most stylish and elegant girls in the world. But even these words did not like the subscribers (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

"This is the bow I chose for the New Year. And then I got a lot of compliments. And the other day everyone admired this image of Elena Zelenskaya at the coronation of the King of Great Britain. I am very pleased that these outfits are from our Ukrainian designer. Ukrainian women once again prove that they are the most elegant, wise, talented, and enduring. Do you agree?", - we read under Reshetnik's post.


The star's followers decided that Christina acted unethically by comparing herself to the first lady of Ukraine. They ridiculed Reshetnik, pointing out that she has an inflated self-esteem.


"I'm sorry, but that's not a cultural comparison. It suits you, but it's like saying... I wore it first", "Excuse me, please, you're a star. Where do you compare to Elena Zelenskaya?", "With all due respect to the Ukrainian women, it is unethical to say that women or men of any nation are somehow better than others. Especially to say that someone brought it to someone else. Are there any statistics or ranking of the elegance of girls of different nations?", - wrote fans of the Reshetnik family.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that fans ridiculed Olya Polyakova's daughter Maria for foul language. They noted - the 18-year-old lady behaves vulgarly. The star mother stood up for the heiress and put all the detractors in their place.

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