"Scared elf" and "angel with sad eyes": 5 models with unusual physical characteristics. Photo

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Models with unique beauty

The appearance of these girls is "extraterrestrial": it breaks all the templates about the canons of beauty and beckons with its charm. They become catwalk stars and easily sign contracts with the world's fashion houses. And in social networks inspire others to love their dissimilarity to others.

Learn in the material OBOZREVATEL, what girls conquered the world of fashion thanks to charisma and unique natural data. Some of them had a hard time in their school years.

1. Laura O'Grady

Irish model Laura O'Grady was born with a baby face, big sea-colored eyes and floppy ears. For this she was called "the scared elf" by her peers as a child. Because of constant ridicule, Laura was insecure and withdrawn. This continued until her peculiarities of appearance did not become a calling card. The girl grew up and began to post her photos on Instagram, which attracted the attention of recruiters from the world of fashion, designers and modelers. Now she receives numerous offers from different agencies, where she considers her fabulous appearance to be a gift of nature, not a disadvantage.

''Scared elf'' and ''angel with sad eyes'': 5 models with unusual physical characteristics. Photo

2. Allison Harward

American model, artist and actress Allison Harward has always been proud of her natural features. One day she started posting her own photos online under the ironic nickname Creepy Chan - and she was noticed. Invited to take part in the project "Top Model in American". There Allison was called "a white angel with huge sad eyes". So succinctly the jury described the narrowed doll face of the model, her disproportionately large eyes and fragile body. After the reality show Harward signed contracts with modeling agencies, starred for many fashion publications and even played a role in the movie "Insensate" (Insensate).

''Scared elf'' and ''angel with sad eyes'': 5 models with unusual physical characteristics. Photo

3. Ting Gao

A textile design student at the London College of Fashion, Ting Gao hails from Shanghai. She is short in stature, has a long neck, thin eyebrows as if drawn with a pencil, a slouch, wide set eyes and a weak chin. However, this did not prevent her from modeling for London Anti-Agency. In an interview for Vogue, the girl said: "The word 'anti' is usually used in a negative sense, but in terms of fashion and modeling, it challenges the norms of beauty and appearance."

''Scared elf'' and ''angel with sad eyes'': 5 models with unusual physical characteristics. Photo

4. Kelly Mittendorf

American photo model and PR-coordinator Kelly Mittendorf is dubbed "the face of fashion maximalism" in the media. The girl has a narrow eye slit, barely noticeable eyebrows, masculine cheekbones and a voluminous forehead, because of which it seems that she is constantly dissatisfied or excessively serious. But it was this unconventional beauty that helped Kelly conquer the fashion world. She has worked with Ralph Lauren for a long time, and now she shoots for Vogue and for Erdem lookbooks.

''Scared elf'' and ''angel with sad eyes'': 5 models with unusual physical characteristics. Photo

5. Hannah Gaby Odile

Belgian Hannah Gaby Odile never even dreamed of walking down the catwalks and posing for fashion publications. Thought it was definitely not for her. The girl was born with a male set of chromosomes but a female phenotype. Then she was also subjected to medical procedures related to intersex variations. Because of this, Hannah has a disproportionate ratio of wide forehead and thin facial features.

One day Gaby Odile was spotted during the Novarock rock festival by fashion insider Tom Van Dorpe. This meeting changed her life. The girl signed a contract with Supreme Management agency in New York and now works with the most profitable companies in the industry (Mulberry, Balenciaga, Anna Sui, Vera Wang and DKNY Jeans).

''Scared elf'' and ''angel with sad eyes'': 5 models with unusual physical characteristics. Photo

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