"I don't have money for this": Taisiia Povalii, who fled from Ukraine after February 24, complained about poverty in Russia

Taisiia Povalii complains about poverty in Russia

Taisiia Povalii, a famous singer from Kyiv region who supported the genocide of her own people and who received Russian citizenship on Ukraine's Independence Day this year, was going to buy a house in Russia. However, the "poor woman" complained that she had no money for housing, so she would have to take a loan.

It is unclear why, but this is not the first time the singer, who sold herself to the Kremlin for bloody rubles, has pretended to be a "beggar." Povalii's statements about buying a house and lack of money were quoted in the propaganda media.

Thus, the source noted that after the full-scale invasion, the traitor, together with her husband, producer Ihor Likhuta, and her mother, moved to Moscow, where all three had to cram into a rented apartment.

Interestingly, singer Pavlo Zibrov, who has been friends with his colleague for many years, assures that the stories about the rented apartment are all lies. According to him, Povalii has been having her own apartment in Moscow for 15 years.

''I don't have money for this'': Taisiia Povalii, who fled from Ukraine after February 24, complained about poverty in Russia

"She has an apartment in Moscow! Fifteen years ago she already had one. She received fees in Russia back then. And she travels abroad. With an Ukrainian passport, she travels freely around the world. She and Likhuta can get a plane ticket and go anywhere through Kazakhstan or Georgia. And she shows not a passport with a Russian chicken, but our Ukrainian one," Zibrov was indignant in a comment to OBOZ.UA.

Meanwhile, Povalii complains to the propagandists that she has to buy housing with used furniture as she says she has no money for new ones.

"We don't have realtors: we go and look ourselves. In fact, we have been doing this all year. Everything we've seen is very expensive. Sometimes it doesn't even match the price. Sometimes they offer uncomfortable, dilapidated houses for a lot of money. I want us to have a big kitchen and a spacious hall where we could spend time with my mom. I also want good furniture because I can't afford to buy new cabinets, tables and sideboards," the traitor said.

According to her, the money she earns for performing in the Kremlin is not enough to pay for a house.

"On average, I need 35 to 45 million rubles for a house. I don't have that much of money now. So I turned to bankers for them to give me a loan. We decided that it was better to take our home and pay the money to the bank than to pay rent," the traitor said.

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