"Dancing and shouting joy on the bones": Povaliy gives a portion of absurdity about Donbass and Maidan, Ukrainians react

Netizens are angry about Putin's lies

Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy, who had long ago chosen the side of the terrorist country, surprised the network with absurd reflections. The singer suddenly remembered Ukraine and decided to return to 2014. She wrote that the events on the Maidan still do not fit in her head. The Putinist spoke about her friends from Kyiv who "miraculously" survived.

Povaliy posted a new post on Instagram, timing it to coincide with International Children's Day. According to her, she has been working heroically on herself all this time, because the spiritual world of a person "can give humanity a chance to be saved". The artist's post angered Ukrainians, who could not keep silent (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

"Taking part in a concert with children from Donbass stirred up my memories and past emotions as if it were already 2014, when tyres were burning on Khreshchatyk in Kyiv, Molotov cocktails were thrown, people were killed! My friends who had apartments there were leaving. It was a miracle that the bullet that came through the window did not kill anyone! This is the beginning of what we are experiencing today! To say it was scary is an understatement. The deaths on Khreshchatyk, the plane that killed people in the centre of Luhansk, then the burning of people alive in Odesa and the dancing and shouts of joy on human bones! The horror! Horror! Horror!" reads Taisiya Povaliy's page.


The traitor continued: the other day she sang with an 11-year-old boy from Stakhanov. Povaliy compared the tongue-in-cheek child to herself, stressing that for the past 8 years she had been living in her own world and could not share her thoughts with others.

Ukrainians did not pass by the singer's cynical post and left their comments: "Didn't the children who died tonight shake you up? I wouldn't remember Ukraine anymore, it's the bottom", "Close the entrance to Ukraine for 50 years, let them dance with Koroleva in Russia", "I thought that people get wiser with age... but, Taisiya Nikolaevna, not in your case", "When will your conscience wake up? Or was it never there at all, Taya?", "What kind of nail polish do you need to smell to make your fingers write such nonsense?".


Recently, OBOZREVATEL reported that singer Ani Lorak "secretly" visited "refugees" from the Luhansk region with a washing machine. The propagandists wrote that the traitor decided to help Ukrainians who allegedly need to "raise children" and "start a new life". Read all the details here.

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