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Timati is a famous Russian rapper.

Brief biography

Timur Ildarovich Yunusov (stage name Timati) was born in Moscow, August 15, 1983.

In 1998, using his first pseudonym "Timothy", founded a group called "VIP77". A year later, in 1999, he worked as a back-emcee for the famous Russian rapper Detsl (Kirill Tolmatsky).

In 2004, he took part in the fourth season of the Russian reality show "Factory of Stars".

In 2006, Timati debuted his first full-length solo album "Black Star". In the same year the production center "Black Star Inc." created by him started its work

In 2008, Timati unexpectedly launched his own brand of clothing. Model line TS Timati for Sprandi received huge popularity among his fans.

In 2012 Timati took an active part in the election campaign of Vladimir Putin in the Russian presidential election. He starred in one of the campaign videos, and called himself "Putin's favorite performer".

In 2013, he won theGolden Gramophone award for the song "London", which he performed together with Grigory Leps.

In 2014, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov awarded Timati with the title of "Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic".

In 2015, Timati came under a massive wave of criticism after he released the scandalous song "My Favorite President - Vladimir Putin".

Timati's songs

Timati recorded a total of four albums:

  • "Timati's Projects".

  • "VIP77".

  • "Black Star by Timati".

  • "The Boss".

The following tracks by Timati are the most popular:

  • "Maga".

  • "Gucci".

  • "Groove On".

  • "How much is love worth."

Timati's movies

Timati starred in a number of films and TV series as a cameo. Full-fledged roles, however, he received in the following films:

  • "Men's Season: Velvet Revolution".

  • "Hitler Kaput."

  • "Red Riding Hood."

  • "As Cossacks...".

  • "Mafia".

Activity in the network

On the Internet, Timati can be found in the most popular social networks:

  • Twitter. Timati's Twitter account has exactly one million readers.

  • Facebook. Timati's Facebook page has about half a million followers.

  • Instagram. The appearance of fresh photos of Timati in Instagram is followed by more than 13 million users.

  • YouTube. Timati's channel on YouTube has collected 2.5 million subscribers.

Personal life

Timati for a long time met with the second vice-miss of Russia 2012, Alyona Shishkina. From her Timati has a daughter Alisa.

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Alan Badoiev unexpectedly spoke up in defense of Potap: he was the first to put the Russians in their place and challenged Timati

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