Taras Topolya

Taras Topolya

Ukrainian singer, Antibodies band leader
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Short biography

Taras Topolya is a Ukrainian rock singer, leader of the group " Antibodies", a volunteer.

Brief biography

Taras Topola was born in Kyiv on June 21, 1987. Formed the band later called "Antibodies" in high school.

He studied at the Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In 2007, while studying at the Academy, he participated with his band in a popular television project "Chance" where, despite the defeat, "Antibodies" was highly praised by Kuzma Skryabin.

Since 2008 he has been working with the production center "Catapult Music".

Personal life

Married to the popular Ukrainian singer Elena Kucherenko-Topolya (stage name: Alyosha). The couple got married in 2013. He raises two sons: Mark and Roman.

Assistance to the army and social activity

Taras Topolya from the very beginning supported the Revolution of Dignity and even dedicated the events on the Maidan, namely - the beginning of the student protest, the song "Independent".

In 2014, he was one of the founders of the civil initiative "Evacuation Crimea".

Later he founded the charitable volunteer fund "Vilni SA", whose activities were aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the war, the fund supplied the Ukrainian army with more than five million hryvnias worth of material supplies.

He personally travelled with volunteer cargoes to the line of contact in Donbas and to the outermost checkpoints of the AFU.

Dedicated to the war in the Donbass song "In the books".

Places on the network

More than forty thousand people are subscribed to the page of Taras Topoli in Instagram. The singer also maintains a Facebook page with 18 thousand subscribers, and an account on Twitter.


Taras Topoli's band Antibodies finally took shape in 2008.

The vast majority of the songs are performed in Ukrainian. They released a total of five albums: "Buduvudu," "Choose," "Above the Poles," "All Beautiful," and "Sun."

Their hit "TDME" was nominated for song of the year at the M1 Music Awards. The music video for the song "Invisible" was named the best rock video of the year 2012 according to the music Internet portal Navsi100. Their song "Loner" was included in the soundtrack of the movie of the same name.

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