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Short biography

SvetlanaSergeyevna Loboda is a Ukrainian singer.

A brief biography

Svetlana Loboda was born in Kiev, October 18, 1982.

After studying at the music school, Svetlana Loboda studied at the Kiev Variety and Circus Academy at the vocal department. While studying, Loboda sang in the group "Cappuccino", and a little later, under the pseudonym Alicia Gorn sang solo.

Shortly after graduation, Loboda performed one of the main roles in the first musical to be filmed in independent Ukraine - "Equator".

In 2004, Loboda signed a contract with the group "VIA Gra" as a soloist. However, Svetlana Loboda worked in "VIA Gra" for not more than half a year and then she left for a solo career.

From 2004 to 2009, Svetlana Loboda released several video clips, recorded a number of singles, and also tried her hand as a TV host in the program "Showmania" (" New Channel") and in the project "Miss CIS" ("TET").

Svetlana Loboda was a participant from Ukraine at Eurovision in 2009, performing the song "Be My Valentine". However, in the end Loboda ended Eurovision in twelfth place.

Shortly after Eurovision in 2010 Svetlana Loboda registered a new trademark LOBODA, under which she has been performing ever since.

In 2012, Svetlana Loboda took part in the TV channel " 1+1 " project "The Voice. Children", as one of the star coaches.

In 2015, Loboda's music video titled "Time to go home" won the prestigious M1 Music Awards. And in 2016, Svetlana Loboda already received a Golden Gramophone statuette - in the Russian capital.

Despite the invasion of Russian troops in Donbass and the annexation of Crimea, Svetlana Loboda continues to actively tour the Russian Federation, actually living in Russia. The singer also regularly visits the occupied Crimean peninsula. Loboda supported "Oplot": the Kharkiv organization of the Anti-Maidan, and later the terrorist battalion "L/DNR". The singer repeatedly performed at parties of many Russian oligarchs.

Songs of Svetlana Loboda

According to critics and listeners, Svetlana Loboda's best songs are:

  • "Boyfriend."

  • "Fly."

  • "Your Eyes."

  • "Accidental."

  • "Moth."

Personal life

Officially, Svetlana Loboda is not married. However, the media has long been discussing the singer's love affair with the lead singer of the group Rammstein. Svetlana Loboda and Till Lindemann gave many reasons to suspect them of a romantic relationship.

Svetlana Loboda has two daughters - Eva and Tilda. When the information appeared in the public space that Svetlana Loboda is pregnant for the second time, many media spread the rumor that the father of the child is Till Lindemann.

Activity in the network

In addition to the official website, Svetlana Loboda can be found on the Internet in the most popular social networks.

  • Facebook. Svetlana Loboda's Facebook page is subscribed to by 150 thousand people.

  • Twitter. Svetlana Loboda's Twitter account has 42 thousand readers.

  • Instagram. The appearance of Svetlana Loboda's latest photos in Instagram is followed by almost five million users.

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LOBODA released an English-language single for the first time

LOBODA released an English-language single for the first time

The Ukrainian version of the track premiered on February 9