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On December 17, 1975, the famous Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich was born. Born in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, into the family of Soviet actress Galina Loginova and Serbian doctor Bogic Jovovich, the girl was not destined to live long in her homeland. For the sake of her young daughter, Galina Loginova gave up her career.

After graduating from VGIK, Galina moved to Kiev, to her friend - actress - Irina Shevchuk. After a while she meets a Serbian guy named Bogich, who at the time was studying medicine in Kiev. Their relationship grew rapidly, and Galina became pregnant. Being five months pregnant, she was forced to part ways with her lover for a long time. After graduation Bogich went to London, where they did not want to let the pregnant actress go for a very long time. Her father saw Milla for the first time only nine months after her birth. However, it was at his request in the Russian passport of the girl's name was written Milica, in honor of his mother.

In 1980, the Jovovich family moved to America for permanent residence. Many years later, Milla said that her mother, Galina Loginova, took this step only for the sake of her daughter, to give her the freedom that she herself had never dreamed of. Milica instantly became Mila in the United States, and since Mila is pronounced "Myla" in English, they had to add another "L" to her name. After moving to the United States, Galina made many attempts to pursue an acting career, but a strong accent cut the idea off at the root. By the way, she has not got rid of it until now.

Having changed their place of residence, Galina and Bogich got a job at the house of the famous director Brian De Palma as an attendant. So it's not hard to guess which director first put Milla on camera. Naturally, it was Brian De Palma, who from time to time filmed family gatherings, snagging the little Jovovich in the frames. The desire for art grew in the little girl from day to day: she took lessons in painting, she learned to play the guitar, acting class.

At 11 years of age Milla became the main breadwinner in the family. The first steps in show business were made as a model. Representatives of the advertising agency "Prima" offered her a job, barely saw the photos. In 1987, the first photoshoot of Mila Jovovich for the Italian magazine Lei, and even on the cover. Beautiful facial features, body lines and unusual appearance in general attracted the attention of the famous photographer Richard Avedon, who later shot Milla for the publication Mademoiselle. However after the publisher learned that the model was only 11 years old at the time of filming, the issue was rejected and taken out of print. Avedon was outraged. He said that if the photos of Jovovich did not appear on the cover, he would stop cooperating with the publication. The publisher had no choice but to give up. Some time later, the eleven-year-old model graced the next issue of French Fashion. Over the next year, her photos appeared in fifteen different magazines, which included such venerable publications as High Times, Face and Vogue. At the age of 14, Milla took part in an advertising campaign for the Revlon company, "One Hundred Most Memorable Women". After which began her dizzying career.

However, a career as a model began for Milla with a big scandal. For a long time, many TV channels have fought against the exploitation of minors in show business, because of which the young schoolgirls starved themselves to become like Milla. However, Jovovich has always claimed that her beautiful figure is due to nature alone, noting that she does not use any secrets to lose weight and dietary restrictions. At first popularity played a cruel joke with the girl. Growing up, she often recalled that at the dawn of her career she was quite a "bitchy person". What can I say, if at age 12, Milla earned 3 - 4,000 dollars a day.

The Hollywood actress admits that she always loved to read. From an early age, her mother instilled in her this habit, so that in the evenings, when everyone had gone to bed, she "swallowed" one book after another. She easily quotes Pushkin and Akhmatova, both in the original and in English, notes that she adores French novelists - Honoré de Balzac, Emile Zola. To this day, Milla argues that her cultural roots should be sought not in America but in Russia. She inherited from her mother a tradition of Russian spirituality, where art and history go hand in hand, humor is intertwined with tragedy, and frustrations are countless!

Such an ambitious girl like Milla Jovovich could not be satisfied with just a career as a model. The first role in the movie she got at the age of thirteen. Zalman King invited the girl to the role of little sister Sherilyn Fenn in his erotic melodrama "Two Moon Junction. A little later she appeared in the film "Night Train in Kathmandu," but no one stubbornly did not want to notice the new actress. Leaving the cinema for two years, she again immersed herself in the modeling business. At the same time she records her first music album called "The Divine Comedy" and goes on tour in the USA and Europe.

In 1996, Jovovich returned to the movies. Get a role in Luc Besson's sci-fi action movie "The Fifth Element" was able to only the second attempt, but this picture and started a new phase in the life of an actress. A year later, Milla gets married to Besson, and then starred in his blockbuster "Joan of Arc", thereby strengthening her status as a movie star. Jovovich's second husband also happens to be a director, and the story of their relationship is similar to her previous marriage. The role in the first part of "Resident Evil" brought the girl not only a new wave of popularity, but also the beginning of a stormy romance with Paul Anderson. In 2007, they had a daughter who was named Ever Gabo.

In 2000, at the opening of the Berlin Film Festival there was a premiere of a new film with Jovovich and Mel Gibson - Wim Wenders picture "Million Dollar Hotel" based on the script of the lead singer of U2 - Bono. The film won the festival prize - the Silver Bear. In 2001, Jovovich starred in the comedy Ben Stiller's "The Male Pattern".

Jovovich, along with model Carmen Hawk, is the creator of the Jovovich-Hawk clothing line. In 2004, she was the highest paid model while promoting L'Oreal cosmetics. According to Forbes magazine, her income was 10.5 million dollars (including film royalties). In 2005, Jovovich visited Ukraine to participate in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the international children's camp "Artek" in the Crimea.

She starred in four action movies "Resident Evil" directed by Paul Anderson. In March 2006 the thriller "Ultraviolet" was released. In the same year there was a limited release of the crime drama "Caliber 45". Paul Verhoeven's The Winter Queen, based on the novel by Boris Akunin, was announced on Jovovich's official website. On February 28, 2007 Verhoeven announced that the title of the film would be changed to "Azazel" (Azazel - the demon of the desert according to the beliefs of the ancient Jews) in accordance with the original. The new title, in his opinion, is more intriguing.

In 2009, she starred in an erotic photo shoot for the magazine "Purple Fashion", photographed by Mario Sorrenti.

In 2010 she became the face of a special limited edition Tommy Hilfiger charity bag in aid of Breast Health International. The organization focuses on breast cancer for women.

In 2010 she starred in the film "Freaks", which she performed alongside Russian actors Konstantin Khabensky and Ivan Urgant and took part in the show "Projektorperishilton" (issue of 19.02.2011) to promote the film.

2012 The Winter Queen

2011 The Three Musketeers, The

2010 Stone

2010 Resident Evil 4: Life After Death

2010 Screwball

2009 Fourth Kind, The

2009 A Perfect Getaway

2008 Palermo Shooting

2007 Resident Evil 3 / Resident Evil: Extinction.

2006 Ultraviolet

2006 Caliber 45 / .45

2005 Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula

2005 Fade Out.

2004 Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse

2002 The Greg Norton Show / V Graham Norton

2002 Resident Evil

2002 You Stupid Man!

2002 Dummy

2002 Turkish Street House / No Good Deed

2001 Zoolander

2000 Million Dollar Hotel, The.

2000 Gold Dust / Claim, The

1999 Joan of Arc / The Messenger, The: The Story of Joan of Arc

1998 He Got Game

1997 Fifth Element, The.

1993 Dazed and Confused

1992 Chaplin

1992 Kuffs

1991 Return to the Blue Lagoon

1990-1993 Parker Lewis Can't Lose

1988 Two Moon Junction

1988 Paradise

1988 Night Train to Kathmandu, The

1987-1997 Married with Children

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