7 stars who "grew old" for the role. Photo of the transformations

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Celebrities who made up their faces beyond recognition

Acting is a creative profession. Those who choose it are constantly looking for ways not to lose interest in this kind of activity. One of them is a change of role, and the more dramatic the better. For example, instead of playing young beauties and handsome men, the stars agree to makeup, which can change them beyond recognition.

Find out in the article OBOZREVATEL, which of the celebrities were not afraid to appear on the TV as elderly people.

Brad Pitt.

American actor and film producer Brad Pitt "grew old" for his role in The Mysterious History of Benjamin Button. The star had to sit in the makeup chair for about five hours. The same movie showed the gradual rejuvenation of the screen character: that is, from birth it is an elderly man, and died as a baby.

2. Kate Winslet

The British stage and film actress played in the film "The Reader" a concentration camp keeper who has been serving a sentence in prison for 20 years. As in the case of Brad Pitt, the viewer could see Kate's character in the film not only with wrinkles, but also at a young age.

3. Mila Jovovich.

In the first five movies of the Resident Evil series, actress Mila Jovovich played a character about her age. But for the last part of "Resident Evil: The Final Battle" the star was "aged" by 44 years. To do that, she had to sit in makeup for four hours.

4. Gary Oldman

The British actor and producer decided to make a dramatic change in appearance for the starring role in the movie "Dracula". For this image, the makeup artists made the star not only older, but also pale-faced and with a strange hairstyle.

5. Tilda Swinton.

The British actress in the film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" got the role of a rich and extravagant madam. True, for this Tilda Swinton had to agree to a bold transformation in appearance - a high wig, lenses that make the eyes less bright, and inelastic skin with pigmentation applied.

6. Jim Carrey.

Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey can transform into any role: comedian, gentle romantic or villain. One of his impressive reincarnations is in the movie "Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes". In this film, the actor played the evil Count Olaf.

7. Meryl Streep.

This actress has never been afraid to experiment in film. For example, in the film "Into the Woods..." Meryl Streep played an evil witch: with a gray wig, long nails and artificial wrinkles.

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