Milla Jovovich cut her own hair and shared the result: it will grow back anyway

Milla Jovovich cut her hair herself

The world famous American actress and model from Kyiv, Milla Jovovich, decided to change her image. The 47-year-old star of the movies "The Fifth Element", "Resident Evil", "Joan of Arc" and others cut her hair short. But the interesting thing is that she did it herself.

The actress's action, as you can understand from her own comments, was completely spontaneous, and perhaps even impulsive. The result of her hairdressing skills Jovovich shared on her personal page on Instagram.

The celebrity released several selfies in which she poses without makeup in her pajamas in the bathroom. The new haircut of the actress resembles a Mohawk - she made a characteristic style on her hair wet after the shower.



"I felt I needed to make a change, and I had scissors on hand. Anyway, they'll grow back. Whether you like it or hate it, it's done, and now we'll see what it adds up to," Jovovich shared her emotions after her action.


Opinions of fans on this subject were divided. Some appreciated the actress' courage and paid attention to how young and beautiful she looks without a gram of makeup, while others began to pine for the Hollywood beauty's cropped curls.

"Whatever on your head...You're beautiful," "God, what skin, you can't be more than 30 years old!", "Milla, you look wow and hot," "Seriously?", "Oh no, what have you done," "And I love it. Love you," commenters shared.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Milla Jovovich joined the charity art project "Love letters to Ukraine". Within its framework, the actress read a touching poem about the murderous and destructive war in the homeland.

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