Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

British boxer
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Anthony Joshua is a British boxer.

A brief biography of Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua was born in Watforth, England, on October 15, 1989. Joshua spent first years of his life in Nigeria, but later returned to England with his family.

He never received any higher education, leaving school to work at the local Watforth brickworks.

At the age of seventeen he moved to London. For a long time he was seriously interested in soccer, but eventually decided to make a career in professional boxing.

Though Joshua started boxing when he was eighteen, but for a long time his training did not bring any success and the athlete even wanted to quit boxing, but his coach convinced Joshua to stay and continue his attempts.

In 2008, in his first fight in the amateur ring, Joshua lost to Dillian White.

In 2009 Joshua won the Haringey heavyweight trophy and the next year got the title of the "amateur" champion of England.

In 2012, Anthony Joshua fought at the London Olympics and made it to the finals. But in the final fight he got the draw on points, and as the result he was defeated by the judges.

In 2013, Anthony Joshua turned to the professional boxing, signing his first contract withMatchroom Sport.

Anthony Joshua still wears the proud title of undefeated boxer.

He was the advertising face of one of the collections of BOSS brand, under the slogan "Anthony Joshua Clothes".

Anthony Joshua - fights.

During his professional career, Anthony Joshua fought twenty-two fights and won every one of them. Only one fight Joshua finished not by knockout. Anthony Joshua's most famous fights are:

  • Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko. The fight took place in 2017. Despite the knockdown received in the sixth round, Joshua managed to beat Klitschko. It was after this fight that Wladimir Klitschko ended his boxing career.

  • Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin. The fight took place in 2018, in London. In the seventh round, Anthony Joshua came out the winner by technical knockout.

  • Anthony Joshua and Alexander Usik. This fight is scheduled for the spring of 2020. Many media outlets are already calling it the pinnacle of both Joshua's and Usik's careers.

Online activity

Anthony Joshua is a popular boxer, so you can find him on all the popular social networks.

  • Facebook. Anthony Joshua's Facebook page has two and a half million followers.

  • Twitter. His Twitter account has more than two million readers.

  • Instagram. Eight and a half million users follow Anthony Joshua's new photos on Instagram .

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