Putin is bluffing: NATO reacts to Russia's another threat to use nuclear weapons

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NATO says Russia is aware of the consequences of using nuclear weapons

The Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin knows what consequences await Russia if it uses nuclear weapons. And all his threats in this regard are psychological intimidation, not real intent.

This was stated by NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană in an interview with El Pais. He noted that there is no immediate threat of Russia's use of nuclear weapons.

The NATO Deputy Secretary General also said that such statements by Putin undermine confidence in the nuclear weapons sphere.

"We see no immediate threat of Russia using such weapons. But such statements are very dangerous because they undermine confidence in the nuclear weapons sphere. Russia knows the consequences of such a step," Mircea said.

Geoană commented on Putin's recent speech, noting that it was nothing more than psychological intimidation.

"We have been hearing such threats to use nuclear weapons from Russian leaders for at least two years, since the war in Ukraine began. And this is from a nuclear superpower like Russia. This is very irresponsible because when you have such weapons, you also have an obligation of restraint. These statements are part of their arsenal of intimidation and psychological pressure," the NATO Deputy Secretary General said.

He also emphasized that despite these statements by the Russian dictator, NATO will continue to support Ukraine.

"We are determined to continue to support Ukraine and avoid escalation in relations with Russia. This is especially important after Ukraine has started negotiations on EU accession and is moving closer to NATO. We cannot say when, but one day an independent, sovereign Ukraine will be part of both NATO and the EU. This war will probably continue for some time. That is why NATO will continue to support Ukraine and avoid escalation with Russia," Geoană said.

It should be reminded that during his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on February 29, Putin again began to threaten the entire civilized world with nuclear weapons. In addition, the war criminal boasted of the "successes" of the Russian occupation army. However, even the Russians themselves did not appreciate the dictator's statements.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller called Putin's latest nuclear threats irresponsible. He reminded that the United States has repeatedly warned Russia about the consequences of its use of nuclear weapons.

China also reacted to Putin's words about the possibility of using nuclear weapons. China called on all countries possessing nuclear weapons to act prudently and maintain global strategic balance and stability. Beijing is convinced that there will be no winners in a nuclear war.

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