Hamas rejects Israeli offer of truce in exchange for hostages

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Hamas rejects Israel's offer of a one-week truce and the release of 40 hostages

The Hamas terrorist group has rejected Israel's proposal for another phase of a temporary truce in the Gaza Strip to free hostages. They did not appreciate Jerusalem's readiness for a seven-day pause and the release of 40 people.

The terrorists voiced their response to Israel's proposal to representatives of Egypt, who are mediators in the negotiations. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, December 20.

Hamas said that before any agreement can be discussed, Israel must stop its offensive in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, the terrorists demand that Israel release all Palestinian prisoners - only then will they agree to release Israeli hostages. As you know, Hamas is holding about a hundred more people captured during the October 7 attack on Israel.

Israel, for its part, has stated that it has no intention of stopping the operation in the Gaza Strip, the newspaper writes.

As a reminder, the day before, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said that the state is ready for a second pause in the fighting with Hamas in exchange for the release of more hostages held in the Gaza Strip. Jerusalem also believes that humanitarian aid to Gaza could be tripled.

Earlier, Reuters, citing sources, wrote that Israel and Hamas are trying to agree on another stage of the hostage exchange. The terrorists demand that the list of hostages be determined unilaterally, and that the IDF withdraw behind a pre-determined line during the ceasefire.

Israel allegedly rejected the demand for the withdrawal of the military, but agreed to the proposal for a list of hostages.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that the country would gradually move to the next phase of the operation in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian refugees may be allowed to return to northern Gaza.

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